Thursday, March 10, 2016

So I am wrong to compare Trumop to a Nazi?


Last week I did a blog piece "Is The Reichstag Burning?"  I compared my sense of dismay over the growing bandwagon for Trump with what aware people must have felt when the Reuichstg burned and Hitler took power. I was criticized by fundies and liberals alike because it's too extreme to call anyone a Nazi. Even an analogous Nazi.

Nazi and KKK go together right? Is it wrong to compare KKK to Nazi? Trump didn't know if would refuse the support of David Duke. Suspicious but doesn't makes him like a Nazi necessarily. But what he's doing in egging on his followers to beat up protesters is like Hitler organizing the e Brown shirts to beat up Jews and political opponents.

Burning the Richstag was the first step to Hitler's power. So I ask is the Richstag burning? Is that so uncalled for? Look at what's happening.

On the evening news a Trump Brown shirt hits a protester and the cops through they protester down and carry him away. The ape who assaulted him said "he deserved it, if he comes back we might ha ve to kill him." They want to kill someone for holding up[ a sign.

O but compare them to the old Brown shirts that's going too far!


Joe Hinman said...

they are all jumping on the band wagon so his violence and bullying pays off after all.

Miles said...

You're not wrong? It is just not entirely wise due to Godwin's Law. Personally, I would go with Mussilini. I think its a tad more accurate.