Tuesday, February 09, 2016



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Bible, Government, Poor

The Bible Causes oppression exceptwhen it;s good,*2008
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The Nature of Biblical Inspiration


 Historical/Critical Methods

Historical Validity of Gospels Grounding in Historical Critical Methods

Did Anyone Exist in The First Century? Paul 

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Did Mark Invent the Empty Tomb?

Story of Empty Tomb Dated to Mid First Century part 1*New*

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Pauline Corpus

Paul was not a Gnostic part 1

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Old Testament

Atheists  try to invalidate Christianity by the OT.*2008


Anonymous said...

Question predestined says God knows what will happen to everyone. Why have people believe in Jesus when God has planed out everything already. Or is this a misunderstanding?

Joe Hinman said...

There was a philosopher who lived in the 5th cnetury (Born: 477 AD, Rome, Italy
Died: 524 AD, Pavia, Italy) named Boethius. In the Consolation of philosophy he proved that foreknowledge is not predestination. God can know our choices but we make them.