Sunday, August 31, 2008

new rules

(1) I will no longer post comments by people calling themselves "anonymous." If you can't commit to a screen you don't have any business on my blog. One of my reasons for this is that the original "anonymous" I am constantly confusing with other people calling themselve that. I don't know which is him and which is not sometimes. So Anon, I do want you to contribute, but please pick a screen name.

(2) thou shalt not mock theology.

Perkins school of theology

is a world famous theological seminary. It's the flagship of the united Methodist fleet of seminaries, which includes Emory University that is one of the top Universities in the country. Perkins is known and respected around the world. It had several major world famous theologians; Schuber M. Ogden, Frederick Carney, William Abraham, William S. Babcock, Neil MacFarland, Fred Streung, just to name a few

I will no longer tolerate statements disparaging theology, especially Perkins. If you are so God damn stupid that you can't figure out that if you haven't heard of it, it could be becasue its over your head and your too stupid to know about it, if you can't realize this, then are too stupid to post here. This blog is for intelligent readers who want to learn.

Apparently there is some kind of food service organization of store called "Perkins" and some moron out there thinks its so hilarious to compare the seminary to the truck stop or whatever it is. That brings to a message I have for that person. There is something you can eat...guess what that is?


tinythinker said...

I hadn't heard of the other kind of Perkins until I moved to this summer to the town we live in now. There is a chain of family restaurants with that name. Apparently they haven't reached your part of the country yet.

Hey, I wouldn't mind having a good meal with a stimulating lecture or debate, but I know that isn't the charitable way in which anonymous intended his or her remarks. If I lived near some of the folks I enjoy discussing science and spirituality and culture with online I think it would be cool to hang out at a local diner and talk shop over some fries or a milkshake.

I wonder if some of the folks mocking Perkins would have what it took to be accepted for study there?

The number of new students admitted each year is determined by policies of selection established by the Faculty. The following considerations are decisive:

1. Seriousness of purpose, emotional stability, and likelihood of satisfactory performance in the degree program and of responsible membership in the Perkins and Southern Methodist University community.

2. Presence of and potential for growth in those emotional, moral, and spiritual qualities requisite for the profession of ministry; and the absence of patterns of personal behavior tending to be seriously disabling to ministry.

3. Academic ability as shown by a minimum G.P.A of 2.75 (on a 4.00 scale) in a well-balanced curriculum. Normally, an applicant must hold the B.A. or equivalent degree from an accredited college or university. An applicant with a degree from a non-accredited school may be considered if the Committee on Admissions deems the case exceptional. It is particularly important that the student have an adequate liberal arts preparation. In keeping with the recommendations of the Association of Theological Schools concerning pre-theological studies, the following 60 hours of liberal arts course work are normally considered prerequisites for admission to the M.Div. degree program:

a. Three hours of philosophy (preferably historical or introductory courses, or logic)
b. Twelve hours of English (especially courses which include grammar, composition, and creative writing)
c. Three hours of history
d. Three hours of social science
e. Thirty-nine hours additional of liberal arts.

The following are considered highly desirable for admission to the M.Div. degree program:

f. Three hours of a natural science or mathematics
g. Six hours of a foreign language
h. Six hours in religion (e.g. Bible, church history, history of religions, theology, or ethics).

Persons who have already graduated from college or who are considering the ministry as a second career are given special consideration by the Admissions Committee, especially in regard to the adequacy of their pre-theological curriculum.
Beyond the evidence of ability furnished by transcripts, applicants may be asked to demonstrate their preparation for theological study by adequate performance on either the Graduate Record Examination or the Miller Analogies Test.

4. A reasonable program of financial support which will enable the student to be devoted properly to the main business of his or her theological training.

5. Sound health, as evidenced by a satisfactory medical report. All new students are advised to have a physical examination performed by a physician and recorded on the permanent Medical Form mailed to new students by the Office of Admission. The completed form is to be returned to the Office of Admissions. In order to comply with state law, all students must provide proof of immunization against diphtheria, tetanus, and poliomyelitis.

6. Adequate medical and hospitalization insurance. All international students are required to carry the SMU approved health insurance policy.

7. To supplement the data furnished by transcripts, letters of reference, and so forth, a personal interview with the Director of Admissions or with a person designated by the Director may be required of the applicant.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

none of those rules precluded social protest. I became a leader of student protest on campus. Even though SMU is a very rich guy school, it's a Yale farm team, in the richest section of Dallas, they don't stop social protest.

thanks for your post Tiny.

btw I grew up from early teen years on with my brother and friends and I going to Ihop and other such places to drink coffee, sometimes eat, and always have hours long indepth discussions on philosophy, literature, music, art, everything.

it was great. I love the coffee shop (that's what we call it even though it's really places like Kip's big boy or Ihop).

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

they are in almost the whole country. Looking at that map let's hope that's the electoral slip next nov. with Perkins standing for Obama electoral votes.

man that makes me want to go to Ihop or Kips and have a big greasy burder and coke and frys.

I don't eat that way anymore.

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

I've had some wonderful late night theological and philosophical conversations at Perkins, the restaurant. :-)

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

've had some wonderful late night theological and philosophical conversations at Perkins, the restaurant. :-)

ahahah, wow man you would fit right in my brother and freinds and all. It's a shame you don't live in Dallas.

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

I'll definitely let you know if I'm ever going t be in the area.