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Addendum on Hate Group Atheism

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I put up two threads on the topic last night. I wasn't going to ask "Please someone deny this" because I thought if id did that they would just mouth it shut me up. So I goaded them hoping one would eventually say "O no this of course not what we think! Of course we don't want to kill Christians in camps." No one ever did. Not one of them ever denied. No Atheist on CARM last night denied hating Christians enough to kill them in camps.

No one said "of course its going too far." No one said I was just being silly or taking it too seriously. Of those who denied it some said "do you think I'm a hysterical hate group person?" But no one said "this is going too far." In other words, no one atheist ever disagreed with those who said "Christianity is responsible for all the evils of mankind."

In general the standard responses fell into three categories:

(1) well I hate to say it Christians have done a awful lot of bad things (then multiplicity of the same two examples would follow).

(2) Surely you don't think I'm the sort of person who would join the KKK?

(3) you are bad. you are insulting atheists and that makes you a bad person.

No 3 is by far the standard reaction. No one has bothered to contra my suggestion that the original group supporting Atheist Devil in his post actually hate Christians enough to kill them, nor has anyone come forward to say "it's going to far to try and blame all Christians for the holocaust."

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As a matter of fact a great many have suggested that I am merely a whinnier. So not wanting your family to be killed in a camp is whining. One poster who sports a star of David under his name ventured to say that due to his heritage he is not apt to let Christians off the hook. Now what does this tell us? of course I'm not suggesting that most Jews will feel this way, but how atheist Jews? IF we play revenge and tit for tat what do you do you when you were victims of holocaust? you have a holocaust for your enemies right? I fully expected that guy to say "since my people were sent to camps I will be compassionate and not send your people." He did not say that. I chided him several times, "you expect Protestants to speak up against Hitler (and of course ignore sacrifice of those who did and say its irrelevant) but you wont speak up when others are the victims? He has so far said nothing.

How are they on blame the victim? the victim is a whinnier. What is their reaction today? Just in keeping with the natural progression of message boards, new posters come on and all they see is the stuff about how bad I am and they joint the throng in denouncing me and they don't even know the original issues brought up by Atheist devil. One guy was saying 'well I would let Christians be, why are you wanting to put them in camps?" But he didn't know the original statement that all Christians are guilty of the holocaust. The original issues are put aside and forgotten, and they are continuing to flaunt the topic of "It's Metacrock a nut and bad guy?"

I am profoundly disillusioned. I will not continue to deal with them. there is no point in trying to have a discussion with rabid hate mongers who want to kill you. I think our approach over all toward the new atheist fundie should be to ignore them, dismiss them as cranks and lunatics, continue to publish (and in fact excellorate) information about the devastating arguments for God's existence. but just don't acknowledge atheists at all. There's a reason why the Jews didn't try to engage Hitler in a reasonable discussion. There's a reason why Martin Luther King never tried to sit down with the KKK.

at last count, it's become a big joke to them. Now they are saying things like "I'm a traditionalists, I think we should use lions." So none of them denied it, they turn into a joke and it's just lost in the muddle. If there was a serious point. The only atheist to ever disagree with killing Christians is one old guy who I think is still basically a fundie and ultra right winger who had been in the military. He just spoke up a couple of minutes ago, but wasn't posting last night.

to this statment about lions two more add:

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Absolutely. Actually, scrap the camps; lynch them all.

Of course in comparing Stalin as an atheist mass murderer I am told "O that's just communist, most atheists aren't communists." well most Christians aren't Nazis, but that doesn't matter. So it's just typical atheist guilt by association, and special pleading. They dismiss the crimes of the atheist mass murderer and compartmentalize it as a "a special kind of atheist" but all Christians are guilty of Hiterl's crimes (the fact that he was not a Christan is just irrelevant).

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