Monday, May 01, 2006

Welcoming Exotic Visitors

we have a huge batch of exotic vistiors this time. It is rapidly becoming the case that a major protion of my audience is made up of people around the world. I am delighted by this to no end, becasue one of the primary pleasures of the net, for me, is to know that I can find people living in places I would never know existed otherwise. I have friends all over the world who I would never have known had I not been on the net. Here's the lattest list:

69 75.00% United States
3 3.26% United Kingdom
3 3.26% Turkey
2 2.17% Australia
2 2.17% Malaysia
2 2.17% Thailand
2 2.17% Netherlands
1 1.09% Syrian Arab Republic
1 1.09% Canada
1 1.09% Iran, Islamic Republic Of
1 1.09% Hong Kong
1 1.09% Norway
1 1.09% Afghanistan
1 1.09% Germany
1 1.09% Singapore
1 1.09% Senegal

I think that's more at any one time than ever before. I don't think I've had Iranians before I dont' think I've had Syrians before. You are most welcome. I am amazed that anyone on the other side of the world wants to read what I have to say; and would like to hear more comments from people on the other side of the world. We can use this blog as a force for peace, or just keep track of the weather. I also notice that my hits have exceeded the all time number of hists for my web site. That's kind of crushing in a way. I put so much effort into the web site, and it's still something of a mystery why people come here. You all seem to like my ponderous philosophical think pieces and head for the hills when I get into historical data defendning the historical nature of Jesus.

An well, we aim to please. Toward that end I will return to the ponderious philosophical think piece this week.

Nevertheless, I do want to point out that there is a small but vocal minority that insists that Jesus didnt' exist as a man in histoy. To them I offer my historical Jesus pages. Sever pages disproving that tripe and also dispelling the myth of Earl Doherty's Jeus Puzzel. Historical Jesus pages

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