Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Bully Mentality

Here's a post from CARM that perfectly illustrates the bully menality as it appers in atheism:

Originally Posted by Bronze
I believe it is fair for the elfist to pressupose the existence of elves. It is rather ridiculous to cater to the minority opinion that there are no elves when the majority of humanity accepts the existence of some sort of elves. Personally, I have always believed a higher elf existed but I could not pin point what fairytale was "correct". But the a-elfist does not acknowledge any higher elf. It is almost as if there is a defeciency with the a-elfist. They make it seem like it is a good thing to be born without an "Elf gene" or the "Elf believing part of the brain" but I find it sad. My belief in elves and the consequent relationship from knowing elves is the most fullfilling aspect of my life. To be born without the ability to sense elves is the saddest thing I can think of. What a shame to go through life never knowing elves exist, never being able to make appeals to one's elf, never able to break free from the prison of the natural mind.

My Answer, Meta:Now class, here is a primse example fo the bully mentality of the atheist.

"I dont' like that idea. therefore, tis' a stuid idea. To prove it's stupid I'm to mock it by pretending its another idea that we all know is stuipid. Now that proves that Idea ;A is the same as Idea B because I can lump them into gether. by totally igonring the differences and pretending that my world view is all pervasive and the only way to think, I can shame anyone who disagrees whit me.

as an open minded free thinker of course."

Do we have this bully mentality in Christianity? naw, of course not! Christians have just innocent little lambs that never hurt anyone. Yes, of course we do. I'm agianst it there too. But the partcular hypocracy of those claiming to be "free thinkers" drives me up the wall.

They want to disparage the God argumetns, caliming they understand them, but sicne they think Being itself (God) is analogus to elves, then obviously they don't understand. If they did understand then this whole like mockery would be out of bounds.


Jabba said...

Would you possibly consider taking part in a spit roast?

J.L. Hinman said...

I don't really see what's to be gained by roasting spit. Sounds disgussting.

Beowulf said...


It sound like the atheist was trying to reverse the presuppositional argument (though ineffectively with an obvious lack of understanding). When you stated that some Christians take a “bully” approach also, what exactly are you referring to (I am not sure I follow from the example)?

Take care

J.L. Hinman said...

Christian version of the bully menatlity is to bully others. People of other faiths are dmeonic, atheits immoral, ect ect. The fundaumentalist and the mocking knee jerk atheist are just like communist and right winger, they are each othe's flip sides.

Beowulf said...

Thanks Meta,

I have notices a rise in ad baculum arguments myself. It seems more of a game on who ever can ridicule their opponent better, wins the argument. I’m hoping it’s just a fad and wares away. Who Knows…

J.L. Hinman said...

Yes I find it harder and harder to have any sort of real discussion anymore.

Anonymous said...

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