Thursday, June 02, 2005

Stupidity amazes me

I love to think about travel, so I tried to look at the stats on the far away readers of this blog. Someone coming in through the Netherlands was coming via an atheist board. I went to see it and someone had posted a thing about stupid I am. Probably some Cretan who ran in with me on the sec web and never understood what I was saying to begin with.

It really gets me. Why do they try? You mention a bunch of books by a bunch of guys they've never heard of, Heidegger,Schleiermacher, Popkin, Hacking, Hegel, they can tell by the way I talk about them that they must be important, but to them they are just geeks or freaks, or nobodies. they don't care. They know nothing, they think nothing, they are just waiting for the next fruit roll up commercial to come on so they can go "yea I hate school too!" Why do they bother pretending they understand the issues?

It often happens that they will say "megashit your argument are illogical and circular." I'll say 'OK show which rule of logic makes them illogical? Do they violate the law of excluded middle? Why are they circular? Do they have premise resting on the conclusion? show me where? But I get nothing back but the sound of crickets. Yet it never occurs to them, Duh the reason I can't understand what he's talking about is because he's smart and I'm stupid.

And they go on this way with other little pimple faced 15 year olds, and it never occurs to them that most of the Christians are talking about the wired name guys and saying stuff they don't understand.

When they get really desperate the use that stupid "atheists have higher IQ's" website with all the studies put in the wrong categories. So they want to convince themselves they are o so smart, but it never occurs to them they can't do anything smart people do. They don't read books, they have no vast stock pile of learning, they dot' understand big words, they never think about anything, they have no culture.

Of course they believe that science is the only from of knowledge, so it wouldn't even occur to them that not knowing anything about art or letters means they are less well educated, and that's a mark of intelligence. All of this watt off a ducks back.

There are some atheists who are angry because big mean preacher man wouldn't let them screw. They can feel so much smarter than religious people because that website says so, and so if they just wave the science flag they don't have to understand science, they just have to reject religion and art. Most atheists I find on the net do not understand science. So for them science becomes a kind of er zots religion, because they have a mysterious relationship to it, they trust it to save them from big mean preacher man's angry God, and yet its' ineffable, its' a mysteries Tremendum that they can never penetrate.

Now I know many smart atheists on the net, and of cooers I'm sure if I don't say this Tiny Thinker will certainly make a comment. But I do know many smart atheists and non Christians and many who are smart enough to know better than to indulge int he kind of petulance that this kind I'm speaking of had indulged in.

For that matter, there are some really stupid Christians on the net too. I just wan to say much about that, too embarrassing. I will say this, I got into an argument on a message board with a Christian who claimed that genesis was literal. I said "where's the water above the firmament and where's the firmament?" Firmament in real Semitic mythology meant a dome over the earth with doors in it to be opened so that rain and snow could fall to earth. That was the water above the firmament. so when Genesis speaks of "the water above the firmament" it's actually affirming a flat domed earth. This guy said "it's spiritual water so you can't see it."

Explaining what's wrong with that would just take too much energy. But I am always amazed by these people.


MaxVel said...

Don't get too discouraged, Meta! There are lots of people out there who are smart enough to see who really has their beliefs sorted out in discussion like the ones you refer to...

I for one appreciate the depth of knowledge and thinking you bring. : )

And I'm also sure that lots of people on all sides of the debate feel the same... as recent events have shown.

J.L. Hinman said...

hey thanks buddy. I appreciate that! On AARM I think it was Declin who said "O great, a whole a board full of Ohwows!"

Tyler Simons said...

I'm jealous! I'd love to get some atheists pissed at me! I think I'm an almost-unobjectionable Christian, though. If they did come after me, my atheist girlfriend would kick their ass and I'd get to watch! Hot!

I like your blog, meta. Your spelling is worse than mine, and that gives me hope. I can't understand why 'freethinking' atheists don't realize an ally against the facist right when they see one.

Oh, by the way, a few posts back you called Schleiermacher and Kierkegaard 'Devout christians.' I agree with you, but I'm not sure we're in the majority. My evangelical friend, Andrew, claimed that Kierkegaard "tried really hard to get faith, but couldn't make the leap." My aformentioned atheist girlfriend rattled off a quote of "If I had faith, I would have stayed with Regine" or something like that. I didn't have a ready argument for either, what would you say?

As for Schleiermacher, I absolutely love him, especially the Speeches on Religion. It does my heart good to hear an evangelical call him a 'devout christian' as his position was too radical for Hegel! There aren't enough evangelicals open enough to make this statement, or well read enough to know Schleiermacher, this wavering mainliner appreciates it. Rock on!

James West said...

Almost everyone, Christian and Atheist alike, uses their religion to allow themselves to feel smug about their own preconceived notions.

J.L. Hinman said...

Thanks Tyler. So your gf is an atheist hu? Send her to read my site!

I agree that SK and FS were devout, your friend doesnt' know what he's talking about. I once knew a buy on the sec web who argued that SK's ture beliefs were the persona that he presents like Calimocus and that he was not a Chrsitian, that his Christian beilefs were just another set of persona tried on tangentually for good writting. But you can't really read Sickness unto Death, or Fear and Trembling or Attack on Christendom and not see that he was devout Chrisitan. those guys don't get it.

btw I've been using spell check. I've always suspected it wouldnt' help

J.L. Hinman said...

Almost everyone, Christian and Atheist alike, uses their religion to allow themselves to feel smug about their own preconceived notions.

>>>Harump! I can't agree (puts nose in air) that's not my preconcieved notion.

seriously, I know I do that.

J.L. Hinman said...

say James you seem very familiar. I know it's not just that your name was the charater on the Wild Wild West. Do I know you from a message board? I would be interested in knownig how you found my blog?

Tyler Simons said...

I think Laura'd be interested in your site, and I posted a link at our class' blog, which is pretty much mine, at this point. No one who reads it does what I tell them to do, though. They think its weird that this nice, liberal episcopalian is going wandering through the pseudo-charismatic blogosphere ;)

Tyler Simons said...

btw, I agree with you completely about Kierkegaard being quite devout.

I really, really love schleiermacher, but I feel like, for most Christians, even today, some of his points, particularly his distaste for metaphysical dogmas and representative christology, are anathema. I happen to agree with him (for now, with reservations) on those points, and feel like that's holding me back from wholeheartedly embracing my halting path towards ministry.