Friday, June 17, 2005

About the Gay Issue

I havent' said this because I feel that I shouldn't have make protestations about my own oreintation. If I do, it looks like I"m defensive. But now I will becasue I have a point to make. (Nuc nuc nuc).

I have always had a visseral reaction round gays (when more than one is present).I can with one indiviudal friend who is gay the topic never comes up and we have a good converstation. But in a crowd of gay people, or in the home of a gay couple, when they began rubbing and stuff, I feel very uncomfortable. I used to have occasion to hand out with gays in my political activist days because they were an important part of our little leftie coalition in Dallas. You can well imagine how, in Dallas Texas, a leftist coalition can ill afford to lose any members.

Eventually I came to realize that I felt that visseral reaction becasue I'm not gay. That doestn' mean they are bad, it means that's not for me. Being the mature person I am, I don't confusse that sense of turned offness with any kind of actual proof about God's will or the eternal state of gay people.

I think the real acid test of knowing you aren't gay is that you aren't attracted to people of your own sex. But I find in arguing with certain funamenatlists, they seem to constantly imply that I am gay! They just assume so, even when I flatly deny it. This is the frsit time I defended this position that the Bible doesnt' condmen it. I denfeded it on a popular Christian message board, and some of the other side kept sticking in little implications. One guy thought he had to keep making brave manly statments like "we wont let you corrupt our children."

This same guy blurted out "that's why you hate the book of Jude." (!)(???) where that came from I will never know. I said nothing about hating the book of Jude, and I promise, I do not hate the book of Jude. I have opinions on it, some I'ms sure our stalward defender of sexual morality will not appreciate, but I certainly don't hate it.

the thing is, this peranoid reaction tells me more about him than it does about the issues. I mean so much peranoid knee jerk reaction one starts to get the idea that they are trying to convence themselves. "I'm not gay! Not like you are, no! Nope! no I'm not, don't even think that, I'm reallly not!" What does that suggest?

The Biblicality of the issue revolves around the status of impurity vs. real sin. In trying to research this topic I discover that there aer only a couple of impurities which have death penutly as their prescrition. But there is only one that is in Numbers or Leviticus and not repeated in Dueteronomy. That would be this activity. So while the issue is very serious, since in one book death is the penalty, that still doesn't make it a sin. I wonder if the real upshot of that isn't a civil matter. In other words it was considreed a civil violation and not a religious one.

btw I don't like watching hetero couples who are on the verge of making out in public either, but I think that's a different thing. I feel that they are showing off.

OK I have a sudden urge to watch a Judy Garland movie now.


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