Monday, November 07, 2016

Death thread from Trumpie

:I got a death threat and racial attack from a Trump guy because I defended Hillary, bellow is my post on Face book that precipitated it and the childish exchange ai had with this guy,

It has been remarkable the level of demonizing that has gone on. Part of the little private world mythology they have collected about her says that she murdered 45 people including their good friend Venice Foster, who was indispensable the Clinton's political career. It's much more likely the /republicans murdered him--if anyone murdered him at all-- the Clintons had no motive. It's obvious they have read "Macbeth" too many times and it's so convenient to paint her with that brush since her husband was the Democratic equivalent of king. Moreover, she has ambitions for her own power. There is no evidence of any kind to back any of that u and they are actually arguing something ,like whoever Hillary knew who is dead must have been murdered by her.
Then there are the constant allusion to how she is crooked and guilty, she is presumed guilty despite evidence of innocence.Through out this entire process I have insisted that they show me one thing of which she is guilty. They have the Republicans turned her down. I have documented how she is exonerated on that issue. I have also documented that she's not been found guilty of any wrong doing on the emails. The new batch of emails are not even known to the FBI to show any wrong doing.
As to Trump's big argument, she's been in power for a long time and she has not accomplished anything. In fact she started Isis. She's only had two big powerful jobs, senator and Sec of State. The latter doesn't make laws she was a good Sec of State. She's been in public life since college but that doesn't mean that most of that she was in a position to really change things.When she was in the senate she was not the whole senate. Most freshman terms in the senate are not fruitful because there;s a seniority system. The logic of the Issis argument is stupid. I'v e seen it done with Obama too, Obama has been in eight years and race relations have gotten worse so Obama did it, That is the fallacy know as argumnet from sign. Like saying all heroine addicts start out drinking milk, therefore, milk leads to heroin addiction. George W. Bush had more to do with Starting Isis than did Hillary. Not only did he lie about weapons of mass destruction to start the war but he allowed Cheney's policies of torture that led to the direct origin of Isis. Blaming Obama or the state of race relations is like blaming doctors for sickness because they closely associated with sick people, They blithely ignore their own culpability in the process. They fed racist dogma about Obama and nursed the birther lie and so many other things to foment racial bigotry and let's don't forget how Trump legitimized the expression of racism again. That's unconscionable to blame Obama when Trump has done so much to bring racism back into the lime light,
They seem brainwashed when it comes to Hillary. It's like sharks at feeding frenzy they are ravenous and the more ravenous they are the morose they become. She's been elevated to an abstract position where she represents all evil in the abstract.the obvious answer is that she's a woman, There's more to it than that. Some actually become offended when I say they can't handle a woman who seeks power. They want me to think of them as more sophisticated. Sorry if they are voting for Trump they are not sophisticated. But there is more to it than that.
Linda Harris Axon As you know, I vote libertarian. But the hatred toward Hillary is so irrational, it is crazy. I talked to someone tonight who was sure she'd had Foster killed but couldn't tell me why he knew it was true.
Michael Salefsky Hey Joe-stop acting like an intellectual get off your fat ass and get yourself on a diet!!! Your bitchboy heart is what's wrong w/this country!!
Joe Hinman I am an intellectual idiot, of course you don't know what an intellectual is would you fatso? I/m thin you are fast ass.,i lost weight the hard way punk. Trump supporter and stupid are synonyms.
Michael Salefsky I fought you know "The hard way" about anything but you're dAmned lucky you're over 1,000 miles from me
Joe Hinman you resort to violence because you are athug and an idiot like the little Nazis for trump, the fact that you are brandishing your violence to intimidate me proves what i said you don't havethe intellectual power to fight with facts and logic, that's why you vote for stupid Donald.
Michael Salefsky Look here you ugly Jew fuck; next time you're in Baltimore look me up!!! Now go stick your head back in the trough w/the other hogs!!!!
Joe Hinman say it all, you admit it
Joe Hinman took the bait
Michael Salefsky I say whatever I feel like such as bait for you is every trash receptacle you pass since you probably have to be restrained from not diving headlong into them & rummaging for slop!!!
Joe Hinman du I say whartiwantg cdo du day u yes I do day u
Michael Salefsky ....and its a dAmned shame my people didn't destroy the lineage that seem to it a pig like yourself would be propagated into this world
Michael Salefsky Reciting the Talmud are we Jewboy??
Joe Hinman ahahahahahhah wahta fool
Kristen Rosser Michael Salefsky You are extremely offensive and racist. Go away.
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Michael Salefsky So who erased the sweet reply to Kristen about "Suck my German C**K!?
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Michael Salefsky I am Racist and trust me I'm going nowhere Ni$$Er lover!!!
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Joe Hinman
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Eric Sotnak said...

Edwardtbabinski said...

Agree! Though we disagree on theological matters.

JBsptfn said...

On that post, that Michael Selefsky troll said that there is no God, and I asked him for his evidence (he probably doesn't have any. He's just an idiot).

Gary said...

Shameful. I'm sorry you were treated like that. We can disagree without being disagreeable.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

thanks gary