Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Atheists on CARM show their cowardice

Someone has warned me that a group of carm atheist are plotting to band together tomorrow and imitate what they, in their little pea brains, this is my style of argument. These "people" are inhuman little bests, coward who cannot face thought and have no concept of rule of law or decency. they live to hurt Christians, they thrive on feeling superior my mocking others. they are cowards cannot face arguemnt directly. They are not capable of thinking. They have undertaken to shame and humiliate people who believe things they do not understand. They mock everything good and decent and are not capable of understanding what is good. Their hearts are evil and they seek their own little sense of supiriority by hurting others.

who in the hell can't see the bankruptcy of atheism?

they are so outraged by things above them that can't understand or touch. They are nothing more than the Vandals who sacked Rome and the destoryed the art works to see if the ducks set in mosaic were real.

Here's a cople of examples of how stupid they are. There's one named Zharevic. he's probably the stupidest person I've ever met. He's so stupid that the thought laws of physics are totally prescriptive and when I suggested they were not (no one really thinks they are anymore) he said I was "scum."

He argued that empirical knowledge is the only kind of knowledge. Someone asked him where's the empirical data proving that empirical knowledge is the only valid knowledge. He said well logic justifies empiricism but nothing else. After that all knowledge is empirical.

The problem is the little cowards were too fucking stupid to see that this is special pleading. If anything is special pleading--saying "this rule normally works but not in the case of my argument--then its it. that's just what it is. they are too stupid and too unfair to even admit that. Then when I say God is not controlled by the laws of physics they say that's special pleading. I say no it' not is' a different category. God is not in the same category as things in nature. So they don't recognize special pleading when it pertains to suspending a rule to justify your point of view. But they try to apply to all cases of uncrossing categories.

Obviously what it comes down to is: "Christian bad, atheist gooooooooood. christian evil Christ bad me hate Christians." Vermin. little stinking piece of shit vermin.

Another example of how stupid this Zharevic is. He says that Nothing can exist unless its empirical. When confronted with ideas atheists want to exist, like the multiverse, yet are unobservable he says "if we could observe them we would see that they are empirical, therefore, they are empirical." O that's brilliant. How that for special pleading? He's going to suspend his rigid rules when hey step on the toes of atheist arguments. Brilliant.

These are the guys who are going mock my style of argument. I figure for those who moments when hey do that they will at least be closer to using logic then they usually are.


Anonymous said...

Give them a break Meta. They have to have something to do in between reading portions of the latest Dawkins book or Christ-Myth blog and going upstairs to eat the dinner their mother just finished making for them. :)

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

"who in the hell can't see the bankruptcy of atheism?"

Yep, that is correct. Well, I've gotta go now, lots of killing and raping to do.