Monday, January 29, 2018

Open Letter to Resistance, and anyone who cares about Democracy

There is a massive Republican counter attack going on. This consists of two major moves: (1) undermine Muller and FBI; (2) massive propaganda campaign around the Trump economy,
They are attacking the fact definers, building implications of the "deep state" (conspiracy theory) trying to undermine the FBI. In the propaganda battle there is a huge influx of Trupies
on face book chopping away at all the economic statesmen against Trump trying the focus on the rise in the stock market and the supposed reinvestment of business in U,S. due to the tax cut.
We have to challenge these. We can;t let them undermine the move tum for the mid terms. Trump has come up a couple points in approval. Their ploys are working, Two tings to do.
(1) Call congressman and demand that they support Muller. Support the investigation om Russia, (2) Don;t respond to them on face book with stuff like "your brains are farting out your butt" give factual rebuttals and stick to the point until they go away, You can find all the facts you need to argue with on my site Resistance is not Futile.
this is very important please shire this will everyone you know please take this seriousness

Republican Senators* at (844) 241-1141
Demand that he/she support Muller and investigation of Russian influence on elections and Trump's activity. Sign up with daily action , or on facebook to get things to tell congress,
Male a point of arguing with Trump supporters with factual responses, Get all the data you need on my site,

why the Koch Machine is a treat to Democracy

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