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I must risk offended some readers: Tea Party acts like communists

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Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121

I would love to just stay in the ivory tower and talk about theology all the time. But there's a real world going on out here. We are in the world, if not of the world. At some point we have to care what happens to people. I don't know what percentage of my readers term themselves "evangelical." Or even what percentage of those who do identify with the political right, vote republican, I'm sure some do. Even a lot of republicans are ready to end the government shut down. I would really rather just ignore it all and talk about God. we have 10 days to raise the debt ceiling so I don't have to time play games.

I live on SSI. I am disabled I have a problem with my legs. The government shut down doesn't effect SSI but the failure to raise the debt ceiling will.

CBS News Money Watch
Alain Sherter
October 7, 2013

Experts agree that failing to raise the nation's debt ceiling by Oct. 17, when U.S. officials say the government will run out of money to pay its bills, would gravely wound the economy, and perhaps even throw it back into recession. Because Treasury bonds and the dollar are cornerstones of the global financial system, meanwhile, the shock wave would be felt around the world.

"The potential is disastrous," said Gus Faucher, senior economist with PNC Financial Services Group. "We would see interest rates spike across the board. We'd see a huge crash in the dollar. People count on lending their money to the federal government and getting it back, and if that trust is taken away -- it's never happened that we haven't met our obligations as a nation -- then that has very, very negative consequences for the U.S. economy."
The consequences are so severe that, even as the government shutdown enters its second week, most seasoned political observers still expect Congress to ultimately reach an eleventh-hour deal to lift the government's borrowing limit.

If there is a failure to raise the debt celing social security checks will stop and disability benefits will not be paid.

The republicans are demanding cutting benefits for disability as the price for raising the debt ceiling. How can the Dems actually accept that kind of bull? That would be like giving in to terrorism.

Huffington Post 10/3/2013

First and foremost, he said, retirement and disability benefits for millions of Americans would be at risk.
"In a government shutdown, Social Security checks still go out on time," Obama said. "In an economic shutdown, if we don't raise the debt ceiling, they don't go out on time."
More than 57 million Americans receive monthly benefits from the Social Security Administration. The average monthly check for retirees totaled $1,224 in September.

 Isn't that nice we'll be camping on the side walk? No it means we will lose everything because we have  no place to go. My insane brother will be wondering the streets shouting at people and getting his legs infected. I will get my legs infected becuase I wont be able to change my bandages and I'll have to have my legs cut off, if I don't die first. lose all the books we spent a life time collecting, we wont even have the pictures of our childhood's to console us becuase we have way to store or transport them, and we will probably be arrested when we start shouting at people. Needless to say I wont be able to write my books. I will never blog again.

I think about the little Spanish woman I prayed with in the laundry mat who said "we have to pray so much." She escaped Guatemealan death squads who wanted to murder her, but now she's 81 and she can't go on the run anymore. What's she going to do when she can't pay rent. I guess we  are not in God's favor because we are not rich.

Social Secuirity Admin
official website
In 2013, almost 58 million Americans will receive $816 billion in Social Security benefits.
June 2013 Beneficiary Data
Retired workers 37 million $47.4 billion $1,269 average monthly benefit
dependents 2.9 million $ 1.8 billion
Disabled workers 8.9 million $ 10 billion $1,129 average monthly benefit
dependents 2.1 million $ .69 billion
Survivors 6.2 million $ 6.6 billion $1,221 average monthly benefit
Social Security is the major source of income for most of the elderly.
  • Nine out of ten individuals age 65 and older receive Social Security benefits.
  • Social Security benefits represent about 39% of the income of the elderly.
  • Among elderly Social Security beneficiaries, 53% of married couples and 74% of unmarried persons receive 50% or more of their income from Social Security.
  • Among elderly Social Security beneficiaries, 23% of married couples and about 46% of unmarried persons rely on Social Security for 90% or more of their income.
Social Security provides more than just retirement benefits.
  • Retired workers and their dependents account for 70% of total benefits paid.
  • Disabled workers and their dependents account for 19% of total benefits paid.
    • About 91 percent of workers age 21-64 in covered employment in 2011 and their families have protection in the event of a long-term disability.
    • Just over 1 in 4 of today’s 20 year-olds will become disabled before reaching age 67.
    • 69% of the private sector workforce has no long-term disability insurance.
  • Survivors of deceased workers account for about 11% of total benefits paid.
    • About one in eight of today’s 20 year-olds will die before reaching age 67.
    • About 96% of persons aged 20-49 who worked in covered employment in 2011 have survivors insurance protection for their young children and the surviving spouse caring for the children.
An estimated 161 million workers, 94% of all workers, are covered under Social Security.
  • 51% of the workforce has no private pension coverage.
  • 34% of the workforce has no savings set aside specifically for retirement.
In 1940, the life expectancy of a 65-year-old was almost 14 years; today it is more than 20 years.
By 2033, the number of older Americans will increase from 45.1 million today to 77.4 million.
There are currently 2.8 workers for each Social Security beneficiary. By 2033, there will be 2.1 workers for each beneficiary.

All of these people stand to have their ability to live cut off like that!

What are the acting like? When I was a communist I saw them play a game called "rule or ruin." They would totally trash an organization they wanted to rule if they didn't get their way. So the organization was no good any more becuase they couldn't run it. That's what communists do. That's what the tea party is doing. They are acting like communists. They are doing what the communists do.

Please call your congressman and demand that they start the government and meet the obligation to raise the debt ceiling? If we don't do it the recovery will be destroyed we will plunged into economic ruin that will make 2008 look like a good time.

My parents lived through the great depression. The children who came after them didn't listen so they never learned. One of the major lessons my parents taught me is "don't be fooled by wolves in sheep clothing who talk about God and who reat the powerless like trash.

The servants of the rich are willing to murder the poor be curry the favor of their masters. Make your will known to your congressman!

Don't blame both sides. Obama is not just being suborn he's clearly and obviously standing up to them becuase they that's all you can do. If he allows them to get their way we might as well just end democracy now and allow terrorists to run things. Anyone who is willing to destroy the country if he doesn't get hi sway get's to be potentate.

call congress now. It's easy to find out now just Google it.

 Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121

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