Friday, October 04, 2013

Great New Website for apologetics


Rembrandt's paiting of the body of Christ taken
down form the Cross, the theme graphic for the
the religious a priori.

The Religous a priori in theology that refers to a special sense of religious calling that all people have, the "God part of the brain" is not derived from it but is a validation of the concept. The term is also the title of a great apologetic website, ran by yours truly, and is a great research  anyone who cares about apologetic and God talk should know about, and it needs to promoted more. This site is based upon my old apologetic site Doxa, it's called The Religous a priori

The Religious a priori is actually three blogs linked together through on navigation bar. The main section is the Religious a priori, the other two are Religious a priori: Jesus and Bible,

Religious a priori: Bogus Atheist Social Sciences

On the main site, the plain old Religious a prori one finds one finds theology and philosophy articles and other aspects such as articles about he supernatural. I have published articles on Bayes and on the M scale and arguments that belief in God is rationally warranted. The basis of the site is the old resource Doxa. I have added to the Doxa matieral. In fact I have not updated Doxa in about five years, all the things that would update it have gone into this new site.

The second site, Jesus and Bible, has all the stuff about eight levels of verification for the historicity of the Gospels. It has the historical Jesus arguments, arguments against mythers, arguments supporting the resurrection, was Nazareth an inhabited town in Jesus say, and Jesus as Messiah. I just got through putting up new pages on the issue that the Suffering servant of Isaiah 53 is the Messiah.

The Bogus Atheist Social Sciences site has a lot of very important things anyone interested in apologetic should know about. The argument that Chrsitains go to prison more than atheists totally exposed and disproved, with a new pew research study showing that switching faiths in prison is quite common. Good evidence that most those calling themselves Chrsitians in prison were not Christians when they went to prison. The atheist IQ scam and scams and the work behind psychology today blog all exposed and disproved. Good new material on Zuckerman's thesis about secular nations being more socially progressive than Chrsitain nations; proving that Christians made a major contribution at the basis for Sweden's welfare state.

All three sties are strung together by the stand alone pages at the top. I have put them on blogger and arranged the format to look more like a stationary website than a blog. The reason I did this is because blogger is much easier to work in. Those page builder programs are stupid and repetitive hard to learn. Blogger is easy you almost don't have to know anything. At one time putting up a website was that easy. Doxa was put up wiht no problem, and I didn't know anything about html when I began. I began on geocities. They no longer exist but they were super cool when they did.  I learned html just by copying the cadre webiste on the code just changing the letters, observing what codes did what effects. I learned some graphics stuff form tutoritials but now I don't even need to know that.

I feel that anyone who is interested in discussing issues about belief needs to see this site. I no longer think of what I do as "apologetic." I don't think of myself as an "apologist." I'm a theologian and historian of ideas. My may concern is belief in God from the Christian perspective. This website offers the modern believer and even interested layman a great deal of information that is current and scholarly and offers places religious belief in the best light. I'm doing absolutely nothing to make money off it and I'm don't care. I don't want to make money off the Gospel. It's a resource for those who are interested in thinking about God.

I put this house ad up becuase it's friday and friday is a light day. You wont see another blog for the Metacrock world of blogs for some time.

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JBsptfn said...

Is the DOXA site going to be closed down eventually after everything is moved to the Religious A Priori site, along with the forums?

Metacrock said...

No Richard Deem (God and was giving me space since geocities closed down. He wants to keep it up. so I'll let him. I am not duplicating everything.I am not doing new women pages. Not that I don't still believe in the egalitarian thing but I am just tried of the same verses over and over again.