Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quotable quote from Metacrock

I saw a right-wing guy ragging on Obama on the CARM secular political board, here's what I told him:

"your understanding the need for change is less sophisticated than my five month old nieces understanding of the need for change, but net effect is you both sound a lot alike trying to give commentary."

A life long friend, the father of my best friend from first grade, was a stanch republican. He was agaisnt the civil rights movement when I met his son in first grade in 1963. He called himself "a ultra conservative." I almost punched him out on election night 1972 when McGovern lost but two factors prevented me from doing so, I was drunker than I've ever been and was doing a bang up rendition of "The Mighty Quinn" (Bob Dylan) in his flower bed in his front yard at about 12:30 am and he was so understanding that we lost that I could not be mad at him for too long. It was not raining. UP to that time we had exchanged some pretty harsh words over politics, and Vietnam and the general drift of culture He was the most right-wing person I knew.

That guy became a Democrat after eight years of Bush. He didn't become a one night just for now kind of Democrat, though he grew up in Mississippi, he denounced racism, became a liberal, was against Bush well before the feared collapse of the banks. All of that was without Obama. He died before the primaries. Most of it was because Bush screwed up so badly, and he was a big named Accounted in a city that is extremeley busienss oriented, and he believed the Republicans had departed from all sound financial understanding.

Most people voted for Obama out of fear. Now that the banks aren't collapsing it's ok to go back to business as usual. The Dems were so helpless and depressed after eight years of Bush they can't fight for anything anymore.

I am mad as hell but I'm really too numb to care.


Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

I think the two party system and the constant reinforcement of the polarization of our nation is poisoning the whole process.

We watched Jon Stewart from last night's Daily Show and he was talking about the Massachusetts special election to fill Kennedy's seat. All the democrats are saying if they lose that seat it's over, health care reform won't pass. Jon then pointed out that if they lose that seat the Democrats will have the same majority that Bush did when he did whatever the hell he wanted to.

Metacrock said...

Good point. I think we are shall shocked form the past eight years and we have to re-learn to fight for what we care about all over again.