Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How many times was Jesus Burried?

We have all heard about the Get discovery by now, the bones of Jesus have suppossedly been found in a tomb in Jerusalem. The director of Titanic, Commeon is going to make a film about it. Of cousre the scholarly wrold thinks little of it and has actually heap scorn upon it.

What do theguys who think Jesus was burreid in Kashmir think abou the Cameron film? There is also another group who says he was burried in Japan.

In 1935, Kiyomaro Takeuchi discovered 1900 year old document stored in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, containing evidence, that Jesus (Joshua) born in Bethlehem to virgin Mary is buried in Herai Village in Aomori district of Japan. The document contained also Jesus will, requesting that his brother's tomb to be located next to his. The document was SO authentic and news so explosive at the time, that the Japanese government banned the document from public view and kept it locked in a museum in Tokyo. During World War II Tokyo was severely bombed and the museum with all documents was allegedly destroyed. Luckily, Takeuchi family made copies of the document before surrendering it to officials. Copies preserved by the Takeuchi family survived to this day.

How many tombs did he have? How many times did he stay dead?

I saw on ABC news today that 70 tombs in Israel have the name "Jesus" on them and date to the time of Christ.

I am also anxious to see Jesus mythers try to sort out the dilemma; they can disprove Christianity, which is their big dream, with this new info, but they must admit he was a guy in history in order to do that.

Another probelm I can't seem to get an answer to is to what will they compare the DNA? they keep skwaking about testign it as though they have some sample of Jesus DNA to see if it is really him. Of course they do not, but I'm sure they will continue to boat. "DNA tested."


Anonymous said...

I wonder what would happen if they tested the DNA against the blood on the Shroud of Turn...and got a match!

kiotae said...

Well, one of the websites has posted a response: