Sunday, August 07, 2005

I'm really angry

I'm p/oed at atheists right now. Because I had another run in on a board with little mocking idiots who dont' listen. But turning of the more intelligent one's on AARM, I find the same thing. The Beingitself stuff, which is in the two posts bleoew, makes them realy angry. They can't except the fact that people can look at things differenly than they do.

One guy on AARM told me that he thought less of my litellectual integrity becasue I beileved in god As being itself. That's like saying "I think less of your intellectual ingtegrigty becasue you read brillitan thinkers and undersand an age old tradition that claims some of the finest minds who have ever lived." But it all allusdes them because it's out of their little narrow prescribed and preconcieved range of the few dry and borning possiblities in a materialsitic universe.

They sail into esctatic utternece and the greatness of nature, but you are only suppossed to appreciate it in one way;through scinece call. You can't have your own take on anything

atheism is stragihtjackett metnality, free thought is mental slavery.


tinythinker said...

Technically, it was words like "cocksucker", "ignorant asshole", and "fucking moron" that made them angry. ;-P Someone did say his appraisal of your intellect was lessened by your *arguments* for the existence of God as the ground of being, not the position itself. Recall that the person who made that critique is a pantheist, so I don't think he generally objects to the notion that God=Existence.

So as for your apology thread on AARM, are you really going to take down your site and retire from message boards? As I said the last time you were going to do this, if you think you would be happier and more productive if you quit or cut back on the online thing, then go for it. But if you're just doing it out of anger or shame, wait until those feeling pass before making any decisions.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

I said those things and immedidately edited. I said it in extreme anger at being banned at CF after beign treated like shit by about 30 people in a thread just because they can't undersand these ideas that are way over their head. just a little lynch mob they are mocking things they don't know aobut.

The AARM people didn't make any attmpet to go "gee, that's too bad" but just took their sides and started helping them.

then of course the fact that I edited means nothing. They talk that way all the time. They say that kind of stuff about each other. But If say it's got to go up in big bold headlines and be held agasint me forever. But I didn't let it stay on the board for five minutes.

I'm really doing it. I hate to take sense of the numinous down, but I'll leave it up for a while. But I wont post there much.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

It's just idiotic to think that oen can't say "I find being this way, so maybe you will too if you listen."

there's nothing in the world wrong with that. They can't listen, becuase they know if they did they find it good. They have to refject to keep up their atheism.

Unknown said...

No, arguments don't convince people of much. But arguments can be something to talk about, with certain types, make relationships, have fun, get to know people. But it's hard not to take idiots (or even people who just don't get you) personally.

Agree with your head before you decide anyrthing.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

YOu are both right. thanks guys.