Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hello in the Faroe Islands!

I've been tracking my readerhip and I have some readers from some very interesting places. Here's the total for this period. I'm sure what period is covered but here they are:

70 United States
20 United Kingdom
2 Australia
1 Thailand
1 Faroe Islands
1 France
1 Switzerland

I would like to hear from all who aren't in the USA, and even some who are. I'm especially curious about the one from Thailand, Austrailia and the Faroe islands. Until right now when I did a browser search, I had no idea where the Faroe Islands were nor had I heard of them. I love Frace, hope to live in Nice some day. I took as Frency as doctroal language. I probably know the Aussie whose reading the blog, but how did Thilander and a Faroe Islander find my blog? Come to that I wonder how many people in the Faroe's have copmuters.

Let me hear from you guys and/or gals. It would be interesting.


tinythinker said...

How did you do the tracking?

J.L. Hinman said...

go to the bottom of the page and see the little bitty box with the numbers. thats' the counter, click on the counter and it will take to that companies website. They give me a password and when I get into my little section of their world, they have all figures laid out and they track them everyday.

Atolmazel said...

Add on another UKer to that list, meta. Didn't realize you had a blog now. I used to debate on Have Theology, good to see you're going live, so to speak.

tinythinker said...

Huh, I've been making websites for years but I never used a counter. I thought they just had number of hits, didn't know they gave any information about the visitors.

J.L. Hinman said...

hey atolmazel, what name did you use on Have Theology? Good to hear from you again.

Tiny, welcome to the 21st century! at last I knew something about computer stuff you didni't!

ahaha lol ;-)

MaxVel said...

Hi Meta... I'm the 'Thai' that visits your blog from time to time. I've now got a blog too, so I can post some comments on yours... at last.

mueja said...