Monday, April 04, 2005

Ebla Froums: Can't treach old dog new tricks

You really can't. that froum turned out to be nothing more than the same old baised crap, where atheists can anything they want to belittle christians, and if Christians fight bck they are terrible and breaking the rules.

That little junta of cranks who think they are scholars and try to mutuilate the NT all the time are infesting both sec web and Ebla. They think that holding outlandish opinions and fill epistemic gaps with wishful think makes them shcolars.

why is there this tendency to think that gaps in knowledge can be filled with whatever we want to be there? At that rate the best evidence for something being in the Bible is that it's not in the Bible!

Doherty is a perfect case in point. He tries to force the fit between fourth century neo-platonism and porot Gnostic mystery cult that never exist,and along the way has to drag in all kinds of anacrinisms like the teacher at Qumran being some sort of pre-Jesus prototype. And the NT mutilation Junta probably don't even know that in the 1950s that move was attempted by several cranks, in cluding John Allegro, aka "the mushroom man."

One thing that divides a real scholar from these cranks is not the number books one has read but attitude; scholarly causation is at a premium.

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