Friday, September 09, 2016

Is there Rationality in The universe?

I just listened to Trump's campaign manager denied that he was ever for the war in Iraq. They played Trump on Howard Stern saying "Yea I guess so" meaning we should invade iraq, the fool actually said(CBS this morning) the fool said 'it's not a contradiction because he was n the Radio."
Man her logic is putrid,l how can someone like this win an election? every answer she's given is circular, She says Hillary went agaisnt the genraks views, Then we say Trump says Generals are no God she say yea Trump will put good generals in, doesn't that means he's going against the generals too?
Every answer she gave was based upon the idea that it must be wrong because she's Hilary,She is Hilary and we know she's wrong because of who she is,how do we know that? because she's her,
If Trump wins I will k now there is not rational mind in the universe,


Miles said...

Its when demagoguery and tribalism tops everything else. I'm betting there's more than a little cognitive dissonance at play here.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

yea really