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empirical evidence of Supernatural part 2
M scale arguments

The Nature of Theology
Tutorial for Atheists

The Nature of Truth*NEW*

The Religious a priori

Question of being: brute fact or deep structure?

Evolutionary Development of God Concept Part 1 *NEW*

part 2

How do we Know God is not Evil?

What is PanENtheism?

Do Christians, Jews, and Muslims have the Same God?

Faith of confusing in moernity
Definition of fait

Does Omnipotence contradict Omniscience or free will*NEW*


Saint Augustine's Notion That God is Truth

Realizing God

Beyond God Arguments

Logic of The Lampost

Phenomenology and Theological Method part 1
I have put up many versions of this one,k this may be the best

Being itself

What is being itself? (this time Ive got it)***

Hans Urs Von Balthasar

The Super Essential Godhead*New*

HRG's arguments on Being itself

St. Augustine and Superessential Godhead


Intro to Tillich's Existential Ontology (God = Beimng itself) (1)

...Part 2

Paul Tillich, Phenomenology, and Theological Method

Paul Tillich's ontology: Deep Structures

Depth of Being and Tillich's Implied Ontological Argument

Paul Tillich's Implied Ontological Argument

Rumors That Tillich was Death of God Theologian Greatly Exaggerated

The Courage to be vs The Cowardly Mind

Paul Tillich and The Personal God

Tillich and Personal God part 2*NEW*

Tillich Phenomenology and Theological Method

Arguments for existence of God

Debate: Hinman v Bowen: Belief rationally waranted
* Josesph Hinman, "Preparation for my debate with Bowen." Metacrock's blog, (JUNE 25, 2017)(ACESSED  7/12/17)http://metacrock.blogspot.com/2017/06/preparation-for-my-debate-with-bowen.html
this is Preperation or Q/Q doc
* Joseph Hinman, "Opening argument Resolved : that belief in God is rationally warranted," Metacrcock's blog (JULY 02, 2017)(accessed 7/12/17 )http://metacrock.blogspot.com/2017/07/opening-argument-resolved-that-belief.html
this is "opening argument" doc
* Joseph Hinman, "First Defense of God Argument 1," Metacrock's blog(JULY 09, 2017) (ACCESSEDhttp://metacrock.blogspot.com/2017/07/first-defense-of-god-argument-1.html*Bowen -
Hinman Debate: existence of God; Hinman Second defense https://metacrock.blogspot.com/2017/07/bowen-hinman-debate-existence-of-god.html

Causal linkage im God arguments*NEW*
cross reference with Science list

Mystical Experience:Empirical Evidence of SN***
artical version of my book for academic journals

argument from Religious a priori

Jeff Lowder, Fine Tuning Bait and Switch

Debate Challenge to Atheists: Cosmological Argument

Arguing God On The Brain Argument

Reverse Design argument

Against Infinite Causal Regression

Is God Complex?
Dawkins uses complexity as anti-God argument


Counter apologist attacks the moral argumemt*NEW*

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