Thursday, October 30, 2008

More stark realizations about the end of democracy

from OPed news

Have you forgotten? Private Republican corporations count and compile the votes with secret and unverifiable software! Just as they did in 2000 and in 2004, and we all know how that turned out.

Accordingly, the stark fact remains: the Republicans might "win" this election, regardless of the preference of the voters. The culprits who rigged the previous elections are fully aware that they might face hard time in the federal slammer if President Obama's Attorney General is ordered to investigate past elections. Thus they are acutely motivated to use their considerable resources to keep Obama out of the White House.

The only way Obama can win is to win by over 60%, so big that a theft would just be implausable. We have to get everyone we can to vote!

The Gop has sued Ohio for the names of new voters who do not exactly match their recoreds. That's exactly how they stole the last election. They will expunge the names of thousands of new voters. In 2004 they took a million voters off the roles. That would have been enough to put Kerry over the top, who led in the polls by a narrow margin. according to newcenter.

In this case they are targeting 200,000 voters who registered since january first.

Last week, after a twisted back-and-forth trail of contradictory lower court decisions, the Supremes ruled that the Republicans "are not sufficiently likely to prevail" in their argument that such discrepancies pose a significant threat to the legitimacy of the electoral process. The Court also ruled that the GOP had not standing as a private organization to file such a suit.

The decision pertains to Ohio, but could have major national impact. Throughout the US, the GOP has been working to strip voters from registration rolls and challenge voting rights predominantly in districts leaning toward the Democrats. Our next article will include an estimate of how many voters that campaign could actually disenfranchise in Ohio.

But the GOP continues to seek ways to disrupt the registration and voting process. In a separate case, the Ohio Supreme Court has ruled 4-3 that the Secretary of State must allow partisan observers into voting stations where early voting is proceeding. Outside the early voting sites, Republican operatives have photographed early voters and recorded their license plates in an attempt to intimidate and challenge new voters.

The GOP has foisted this trumped up garbage about acorn in order to divert attention from their own vote stealing practices. Plain said "we cannot allow activists like ACORN to steal the election" that's because they want to steal the election themselves. The Republicans around the country are leading massive drives to stop people from voting,based upon the myth that voter fraud is rampant.

common dreams newscenter again:

The idea of massive fraud by voters continues to be proven as a hyped-up myth. The Cincinnati Enquirer has provided a detailed analysis of Ohio's more than 8 million registered voters and found that problems involving illegitimate voting are minimal. The Enquirer found only 6567 voters who had duplicate registrations. All are individuals who registered twice at their own address, a common routinely resolved by election officials and poll workers. An investigation by Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips of the 2004 election found that of the nearly 800 duplicate registrations he analyzed, none voted more than once. The Enquirer also flagged 589 registered voters who won't be 18 on Election Day.

So contrary to Republican hype, overall the total number of problematic voters appears to be miniscule. The Enquirer concluded that "Data-entry errors make matching voters to other databases an inexact science. Variations on first names, maiden names, and misspellings could red-flag an otherwise eligible voter


Kristen said...

I found hundreds of articles like the one you quote, Joe, when I googled "Republicans Steal Election." Then I googled "Democrats Steal Election" and found hundreds more articles. Both sides are trumpeting injustice and conspiracy. I can't tell who's telling the truth, or if anyone is. Maybe both sides are involved in horrible conspiracies to bring about "the end of democracy." So maybe democracy will end. It's just impossible to tell now which party will accomplish this feat.

One thing is sure-- whichever candidate wins is going to face huge accusations of not winning fairly. Where does that leave the nation? Enmeshed in partisanship, bad feeling and mistrust.

This is the reason I hate politics. Maybe sometime after the first of the year everyone will calm down and we can get on with the business of fixing the mess we're in instead of conspiracy hunting. I hope.

And if democracy does end? At least that's not where my ultimate hope lies.

I'm in "duck and cover" mode now till Wednesday. lol

J.L. Hinman said...

First of all. you are right, both sides: I wouldn't put it past them. But who actually did it? The GOP kept a million new voters off the roles in 2004. It's so clear it was stolen in 2000, read the descents, one justice actually says it.

Secondly, how do they say they are stealing? The GOP says Dems register new voters who should not be on the roles. The Dems say the GOP is trying to take off new voters becasue they are young and minorities.

US sup court threw out the GOP claim in Ohio saying the people were valid.

It's clear the Republicans are trying to it harder for minorities to vote. The Dems are trying it make it easy. Maybe the Dems try to make it too easy, but which is really indicative of undemocratic behavior?

Kristen said...

I have been researching this, and none of the mainstream news sources are imputing either party with any actual conspiracy to "steal the election." They are stating that there are unscrupulous people out there who are trying to trick voters into not voting; also that there are a lot of problems from state to state in how to deal practically with the actual size of voter turnout in recent elections.

But is either party's administrative base actually involved in a massive conspiracy to defraud the nation? I don't think so.

J.L. Hinman said...

I could have been paranoid. I think it's clear the reps did have an effort to keep new voters out but the sup court negated it.