Monday, August 18, 2008

Policy for this blog,

Ignorant people who are too lazy to learn theology, who have no hope of contributing anything of importance to the conversation, have no business posting here. Some of the little know nothings form that ass hole Rassmusen site came over and tried to post comments, which were very stupid. But those comments ended in personal attacks. so I will not post them. I have always said I will not post personal attacks, on anyone.

Now I am also adding a new rule. To take part in the discussion here you must be willing to learn enough to contribute to it. Just demanding your feelings are superior and that you don't have to learn anything is not good enough. You are wasting our time. This blog is for the discussion of theology. If you don't want to learn about theology then you know nothing and your criticisms are invalid. One does not have the right to criticize that which one does not understand or know about.

If that coward was willing to debate, I could show the world how much smarter I am than he is. But he knows I would kick his ass and he's not about to debate. So we have nothing to say to each other.

I will point out one lie in the posts they tried to make. they accused me of shutting down discussion, they accused Christians of it. that is imbecilic. They think discussion is nothing but a soap box for them rant and rave about their uninformed opinions. that is not what discussion is.

The atheists Dawkinsians are the one's who have closed down discussion. The open and proudly announce that they do not need to learn anything and they think they can criticize what they don't know about. They open and proudly boast that Christians don't deserve respect but they want me to respect them!

Respist is not something I owe you. yo must earn my respect and you can never never never do that with your attitude of pride in ignorance.


Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

I agree that posts that include personal attacks should not be posted. I also am frustrated when people dismiss your point of view by lumping it in with other points of view.

Lumping all Christians in with the dogmatic fundamentalists is wrong and so is lumping all atheists into the same group.

Keeping personal attacks out is good.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

Thanks Mike, I appreciate your support. Let's get back to some serious discussion of ideas.

I love ideas!

I think one problem is there has not been a linguistic distinction between atheists like there is between christians. You can say "fundies are extreme but liberals are ok." I have to say awkward things like "the type of atheist who is X is extreme, the type of atheist who is not like X is ok."

but from now on I call the extremeists either "Dawkinisians" or "Dawkies" for short.