Saturday, March 08, 2008

Urgent Help needed: we must move by 31st

We have to move on the 31 of this month because our apartments are closing down. The arrest of my brother back in spring 05 is keeping us from getting a place to live. everything I lined up fell through.

If we don't' have a place to go we have to go stay with my sister, that will be hell, I wont be abel to be on the net or do any witting, and I don't know what will happen to our stuff. I may lose a library I've spend a life building.

we have a place we found and the woman renting it is sympathetic, but she refuses to be flexible on the big move in barriers, deposit (equal to first months rent) and dog deposit. here's the story.

we have a break and I think it's form the Lord. but he move in barrier of money is there to stop us. I'll you the whole story but it involved remarkable timing so it must be the Lord.

well the story is there is a property we looked at months ago. It was a town home but has a tiny yard. Not much but big enough for the dog to at least move around a bit. more than we have now, which is none at all. The problem was the place had major structural damage, foundation. I went to see it because it was so cheap but I figured it would have some major problem. So we shyd away. It was strange looking house in a wired little subdivision it reminds me to he Brit tv show of the 60's "The Prioner."

Today Ray wanted to go back and see them again. I was sure it was a waste of time but I just got an urge while in ruote to somepleace else. you know how it is, a little voice says "do this now." so I turned the car around and drove up there just as people were coming out of it. Turns out they bought it, fixed the foundation problem, want to rent it for just a big more than we are paying now and the is a paralegal, has seen police brutality and her mother was schizophrenic. so she is understanding of our problems.

we need to raise the deposit and dog deposit which is steepp but the monthly rent is no worse than we pay now. just a little more.

got to be the Lord.

Please pray more.

we need 750$ for deposit.
$300 for Dog deposit
$200 for movers.

here's an overview of what we have been through.
in 1998 I was a doctoral candidate, published an academic journal and had a bright future. I worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Texas at Dallas. My father had a big big heart attack and my mother began to exhibit Alzheimers soon after that. My brohter and I took care of them for three years. It was agony because we had an older alcholoic brother who moved in and faought allt he time. my parents died, and that was truma enough because for three years I did everyting for them. I massaged my father's butt, I put daipers on my mother. I made their food and changes their beds and did it all, like running my own nursing home. all the while this alcholoic asshoel who never lifted a finge to help would say 'you are not doing that right."

After they died the house began to fall apart. we got a home improvement loan, turned out to be a mortgage and they jacked the payments up where we could pay them and took the house. I spent a year agonizing over fighting them, lost my career, was outo f the program can't get a Ph.D. it's all I ever wanted. I can't be a professor that is the only ting I've ever cared about being.

we moved to an apartment and tried to put our lives back together and my brother was arrested because basically becasue he was afraid of the police. he was charged with assaulting an officer because he was beaten up by them. he never landed a blow or hurt any of them. But they charged him with that because they could. he assaulted their fists with his face.

then we got him off of that but it left a misdomenar on his record. just as we were putting our lives back together the said our apartments will be closed and toren down. now we are unable to rent because of his arrest and we must be out of here by the 31st and we have no place to go.

we had almost come back to life again. almost, but now that is going to be destroyed and we will lose everything again.

we need 750$ for deposit.
$300 for Dog deposit
$200 for movers.

we have no other way to raise it. please give!

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