Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Now He tells us, great atheist admission

on carm

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Originally Posted by fleetmouse View Post
Where did the claim that Horus and other gods parallel the life of Christ come from? I can't find a reputable source that says that Horus was ever crucified etc. Is it all from flakes or does it go back to that Frazer guy?

Reason I ask is, I started watching that Zeitgeist movie and wasn't terribly impressed by the "scholarship"... I shouldn't be surprised - they cite Alex Jones as a reference.
I have crossed swords with other atheists over this matter. The parallels between Jesus and Horus, or Jesus and Mithras, or Jesus and Buddha, are either trivial or fabricated, and they are believed by people like you and me who like tossing grenades into Christiandom. Acharya S is largely the one responsible for meta-myths like those.

I've only been arguing with this guy about this since 2000.

here's another good one from CARM same day

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Originally Posted by Ice_Monkey View Post
Yeah, I know you're a well educated dood. Your posts are often stupid, but you're not. You have dyslexia and an anger issue (which makes your rants look like you're typing in tongues) , but I've never known you to lie about anything.

Wrexthehex's response:
you know years ago they used to call Dyslexia stupid and maybe they should now and stop giving idiots excuses to be lazy. And "anger issues" is a joke, control it like everyone else.

this just shows us what atheists are made of. any doubt what they are? hate group?

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