Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Empirical Arguments for God

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I am really sick of atheists saying "you don't have any empirical evidence for god. So I am doing three things about this:

I am issuing this reminder that I have many empirical or empirically based arguments.

What needs to be understood is the rational decision making paradigm. Once you understand that you can understand that, which I will try to summarize, in a future post but I have talked about it a lot here. Once you understand that you will see that I have actually proven the existence of God many times.

In a nut shell the decision making paradigm is in two parts:

(a) rational warrant for belief

(b) co-determinate

we do not need to prove empirically that God exists. Once we prove that God is rationally warranted and that the co-determinate is empirical we have come close as we need come for rational discourse.

Empirical arguments:

I have 42 arguments for God. These are just the empirically based ones and where they come on the list. You can find them linked here in all their glory and read the full arguments for ourself.

1.Argument from Cosmological Necessity

2.Everything Has to have a Reason

4. Anthropic Principle (2 Pages)

5. From Religious Instinct (3 pages)

6. From Religious a priori

7. From Mystical experience, (3 pages)

8. Thomas Reid Argument, (2 pages)

9. Argument from the Sublime

10.Existential Argument.

11. Feeling of Utter Dependence"

21. Argument from Consciousness.(3 pages)(Revised)

22.Moral Argument.

23.Argument from Moral Judgment and Abstract Values.

25. Argument From Temporal Begining.

26. Elegance of God hypothesis.

28. Near Death Experience.

29. Why anything at all?

30.Positive Epistemic Status.

31. Confluence of Proper function and Reliability.

32. Argument From Induction.

33. Rejection of Universal Skepticism.

34. Hick's Argument from Personal Origin.

35. Materialism Vanishes (2 pages).

36.Argument from Logical Necessity

37.God Pod


39.Argument from Arbitrary necessity

40.Modes of being

41. Cumulative Case.

42.Koon's Cosmological Argument.

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