Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why the Myther Thing Makes Me Angry

The Jesus myth thing makes me angry for this reason. Today I found a source on the net called "famous people at a glance." it's supposed to show the basic dates and stuff on various famous people. So I put in Eusebius to refresh my memory. It said Eusebius was St. Jerome. St. J's real name was Eusebius but he was not the famous Eusebius father of church hisotry.This site did not even have Eusebius father of church history (E of Cesaria). But when I put in "Origin" it brought up fifteen articles on "did Jesus exist in history" and nothing about Oregin. Only one of those articles even mentioned him.

So the idea that Jesus didn't exist is just being accepted as fact based upon nothing. Whole individuals are being written out of history because they don't serve the propaganda purposes of the people making the serach engine and whole other people are being merged with those missing because, who knows why. Because people are stpuid and they know that most people will accept hte easy answer rather than dig.

All of that makes me very angry because it's just saying we can mutilate the truth and make it into anything we want and all that matters is wishing. Here' some more bread and circuses. now bend over and let me send you to war. That's what I see happening. We are just giving up our brains and becoming sheep who can't do anything but just sit around and wish things were as we want them to be.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you had problems because you were searching for Origin instead of Origen.

J.L. Hinman said...

no because the had an alphabetical listing for all the people begining with O. Besides even though I type Origin when I'm typin fast I know how to spell it and I wouldn't enter that.

Anyway it was Eusebius they didn't have listed.