Thursday, July 05, 2007

The way Atheists deal with evidence

I was an atheist. I know the games atheists play with their own minds. You keep yourselves stoked up in white hot hatred or fear or rejection of evidence for God by constantly repeating the mantra 'there is no evidence for God.' what's really interesting is how you convene yourselves of this while flying in the face of the fact that some of the world most brilliant thinkers (a truck load of them) have found tons of evidence for God.

The major game you play is a three step method:

step (1) There's still room for doubt

whatever evidence is found is not absolute because God is beyond our understanding, is not given in sense data and wants us to seeking the heart rather than have absolute proof, so there is always room for doubt.

(2) Then assume that room for doubt cancels all evidence

Unless you are absolutely compelled in a manner that you absolutely cannot reject you refuse to believe.

The final corollary is to say well since I am not compelled to believe, there is no absolute proof, therefore there is no evidence. then you rant and rave about how much more intelligent atheism is because there is no proof for God. but really all you have does is refuse to bridge the gap that in any question or any world view or any position, including your own, the gap between demonstration and assumption which must always be bridges with some form of a leap of faith.

You insist upon making what might be a short hop between proof and credulity into a huge chasm stimulated by the fear of the subjective!

(3) explain the evidence away

Naturalistic explanations offered against God arguments are not valid explanations but merely attempts to loose the phenomena. I just refuse to believe what the 300 studies show about religious experience, its' just chemicals in your head, none of the observed phenomena are really there, it's just pretending. ect ect. these kinds of excuses just lead you to ignore the evidence and then pretend there isn't any. You aren't really explaining anything you are explaining it away!

You are just playing a game a game in your minds. You are not open you are not seeking, then you want to vent about how about stupid Christians are for believing. There is an element of self congratulation that stokes the fires of dubt.

It would make a lot more sense to be open and evaluate the evidence fairly. But you keep the game "there's no evidence" except that mountain of qualia that 90% of the human races finds compelling, but I don't have to believe so I wont so there's no proof.


tonoftruth said...

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J.L. Hinman said...

I'll give it a shot