Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year! What does 2007 hold?

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What does the New Year Hold for Metacorck's blog?

peaking into the crusal ball we can see a series on Doherty's Evolution of Jesus

a series on Dennett's Breaking the Spell

More fun in argument!

all cooming soon to a blog near you.

Happy New year!


Jesse Albrecht said...

Hello Matacrock,

There has been some weird anonymous commentor on my blog. He made a reply to another comment. This anonymous made these statements:

"It also seems logically impossible that order can come from chaos" Study more of that biology and chemistry. The formation of a snowflake is a great example of order coming from randomness, both in terms of gaseous water molecules moving chaotically going to water molecules in a very specific structure, and because the underlying reason for doing that is the second law of thermodynamics, which ultimately is due to energy becoming more randomly distributed."

What about snowflakes allegedly disproving intelligent design? I never really gave the issue much thought. So I wondered what you think of the above comments.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

There is a whole movement call "Chaos theory" which argues that order cones from chaos. It has a lot of statistical backing and is taken serious by physicists. Now that doesn't disprove intelligent design because it really just means order is distributed at a deeper level. There are these things called "strange attraction" that deals with the order emerging out of Chaos So there's still a mechanism we don't understand,

By and large design arguments are weakest. Fir years I just never made them. Fine tuning argue is different and brought them back on my radar. It would be better not to argue for ID because it's regarded as creationism in disguise. I don't use that phrase.