Thursday, November 02, 2006

CARM sux

those guys are such totally diso;noest idiots it's not even worth it to try to make peace with them. I apolgoized to monron Slick for saying he was stuid (he is) and that hes' a liar(he is) I never apologize to those dishonest idiots again. I shoudl have tired to make peace or go back.Jesus said be reconciled to your brother but did he tell us what to do whent he bother is totally false has no honor?

I was banned agian. what grave insult did I utter?I started winning argumetns. that's the only deal. I attacked no one. they are just as dishonest as you can get.

I apologized and that liar sai "O that's ok" but he didnt' say I'm not a false It' ok if I run interfearence for them with the atheists, but just dont' take me seriously as a Chrisitain.

they are not Christians. They are flase brothers.

I bad slick from this Blog and all neiophite suck ups.

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Anonymous said...

Oh they are just mad because your smarter than they are. No really. I mean that. ;_)