Friday, October 07, 2005

Lionizing the Worldview

I don't' think we need to make arguments to prove there's a God, or to demonstrate the rationality of belief. I know Thai's ironic since I so many arguments, but I don't need them.

Religious belief is a world view. It can certainly be demonstrated to be utilitarian, good for you, advantageous and the life, but also rational and intellectual.

There are many the approaches besides argument making. After all atheists don't have little syllogistic arguments except for those who copy God arguments. But the intrinsic thus of atheism is to see it from world vel persecutive without having to make arguments per se.

But atheists do try to lionize their position. They come at this through verus means; the "default assumption" and verus other maneuvers. But theists can lionize their position through, though the idea of innate religious instinct and the obvious nature of relies belief (obvious to 90% of humanity).

The truth of it is lionizing one's world view is unfair. World views grow out of attitudes, links between opinions, attitudes, knowledge, perspectives, experience, ideals and the like. Of course one lionizes one's world view at the expense of being providential. The better option would to see an expanded world view that is mature enough to take account of other view points; one that doesn't need to lionize itself because one is mature enough and sophisticated enough to understand that no world is view is final.


Anonymous said...

That was very mature of you Meta.

no really! ;)

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

Thank you ;-)

Anonymous said...

hey, i really liked this entry!

you got something to say there .... maybe you should work it out carefully