Saturday, October 08, 2005

All God's ponit to God

I. God

God is Being itself That is to say, God is the foundation of all reality, the thing that makes being be, the essence of what is, on rather than off. God is the foundation of all being. That means God is eternal.

There must be a foundation of all being and it cannot be contingent, because then by defossion it couldn't be the foundation, since it would require a foundation itself. That's how we know it's eternal. Because it has to be eternal because it can't be contingent (eternal in some senses--either timeless, or eternal time--or just is apart from my chronic measurement).

That eternal nature of being gives us a sense of the eternal, in juxtaposition to our finite experience. That juxtaposition of the eternal and finite evokes our most basic sense of the nominees; that means it's a valid object of religious devotion.

what we have is:

(1) There must be a universal eternal foundation of being, since nothingness as PAS is impossible and contingencies Annett ultimate origins.

(2) That eternality of the necessary being evokes the sense of the numinous

(3) This is the basis of all religious devotion and object of worship.

Part II. Religion

The point of religion is mediation. Religion is an attempt to mediate between our self understanding and the sense of the numinous. All religions seek to identify the human problematic. They all have different versions, some say "moral sin" some say "imbalance with nature" does matter. They all try to account for it; what's the problem at the heart of being human? And then having identified that, to counter it through the mediation of the transformative power; meeting God, fining yourself, begin in balance, learning Kung fu, prayer, whatever.

We all experience God on a mystical level; that is, beyond word, thought or image. To put that into words, we have to load it into cultural constructs. That's why religions turn out to be different.

the same basic father figure is used an image of God across the board. The name "Jupiter" comes from the inde Aryan:

Zoo - sky
Patter (from Greek) = "father."

Jupiter = "sky father."

Zeus, that names comes from that word "zoo" meaning sky. So Zeus "the sky father" just means "sky."

The fact that different cultures have different Gods doesn't' make religions different. It doesn't even mean they are worshiping different beings. because what they are all trying to get at is that same basic mystical union that they have at the pre construct level, beyond word, thought or image, and that is the eternal foundation of Being that I already said has to be there. The fact of other mythologies and other beings is irrelevant.

that's why I say

All God's point to God

Atheists can't see the forest for the trees because they just look at the little particulars, the small picture, is God Zeus or is he Jupiter? But both are sky father so what difference doe sit make?

Part III. Tradition

The only difference is that some traditions mediate better than others. Take the Aztecs for example. They had to keep a constant source of blood flowing to feed the gods, so they did human sacrifice. See when they loaded their sense of the numinous into the cultural constructs, it was filtered though a very violent set of constructs. So while their religion no doubt mediated transformation, ti also required that thousands of people die unjustly.

One religion mediates better than all others. Doesn't mean the others are bad or their people or going to hell, or even that they don't have some insights that are better than Christian insights, but it does mean that Christianity has something going for it that no other tradition has: Jesus!

Here we have to put all our Easter eggs on one basket. The Jesus basket.

Jesus is better:

(1) Because the only one with grace.

(2) the only one who was a real flesh and blood guy

(3) The only one who made the most powerful statement of solidarity between God and man by dying for sins of the world.

So for my sins, Jesus is the best form of mediation so I follow Jesus.

Now what can you really object to about all this other than the fact that it would link you with churches and you don't like churches?


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