Friday, June 05, 2020

Farewell to my readers

My life is over. This was all had now its gone. They've taken blogger away from me. The shitholes that do blogger just had to change things,  I can;t  use the new blogger it wont allow one to work the way i have to work. You can;t save  long posts  I would have to write and post all  in one sitting I can't work that way. I'm not gone just yet I will keep going as long as they let me work in legacy. I don;t know how long that will be.

This was a voice in a world that didn't want me to have a voice. Even though hardly anyone cared about it it was better than nothing. Now I have nothing. Thank you to the readers who stuck with me through   the years.

I will still be blogging but it could go at any time I will say farewell now.


Jesse said...

Do not go anywhere. Keep on posting. I have not noticed any serious problems.

If you have a seriously long post that you are working on, then break it up into multiple drafts and delete them when your post is completed and published.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

I guess might work for awhile.

Jesse said...

Well, it is a solution to the problem. Another potential option is to download Microsoft Word.

I do not want to see you give up. I did not join the Cadre for that reason. It would sadden me if you did quit posting (unless you had some other more important commitment).

Do not be frustrated with the new technology of blogger. I myself am very, very bad with technology.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

word is not blog space. I use word to write in.Thanks for your encouragement,