Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Now I/ve heard it all

this was a real exchange on face book today" aug 7 2019

  • Joe Hinman that's stupid. stop violence with more violence brilliant, if course you really know nothing about their lives,
  • Casper A Riley Joe Hinman neither do the idiots that are falsely claiming they are Trump supporters and all the other non sense
  • Joe Hinman Casper A Riley why woild they falsely claim it? are you a real one?
  • Casper A Riley Joe Hinman because they wanna make him look bad...yet they never held Obama accountable when he was actually voted in by racism


Kristen Rosser said...

Anything they disagree with is simply fake. Including their own members. Talk about a world made of wishful thinking!

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

so true. even worse than atheists.