Monday, December 24, 2018

Back after New Years:Merry Christmas

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Kristen said...

Merry Christmas, and joy to you and yours!

Joe Hinman said...

Thanks Kristen, what you said,

Holly Moody said...

Hello! I am happy to see you have a blog and are active still online!
I was and am a big fan of your work since 2000 maybe even before
I am VERY appreciative of your work and still reference back to it on a regular basis.
I hope you have an awesome New Year!
I remember years ago you having some problems and your brother as well?
I had donated to a cause of yours years ago and I hope all is well! Xx&Oo

Joe Hinman said...

well thank you I appreciate it.It's great to hear that. I am about to lose my website I
need webspace to host it. My brother died in 2014.