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Trump's coup d'etat

I do know something about how to conduct a coup and over throw a government, what do I know? In 1989 I was an activist for The Committee in Solidarity With the People of El Salvador (CISPES) we worked on all central America issues. We brought in a speaker named Philip Clay Roettinger, he was in charge of over throwing the democratically electided Arbinz government of Guatemala imn 1954. He told me all about how he did it (he was working for CIA at the time).[2] I helped set up his tour in Dallas and  drove him around, my brother and I.They struck on multiple fronts. They took control of the media ad put out their propaganda as news, they created concussion and strife in many sectors and made the afraid for fear of violence,

If we open our eyes and look at this years  election we can see this very strategy Beijing applied now by the Trump political machine, When Trump first started encouraging his stooges to observe voting and make sure there is no fraud I observed that this is a dog whistle it really means intimidate the other side and suppress the vote, We now have main stream media reports of voter intimidation squads brassily going ab out Hispanic neighborhoods in Dallas asking elderly Hispanics how they are voting![3]  Hispanic community  organizers report elderly are telling them they are afraid to vote,[4]

(1) fomenting violence in the electoral process (that is a known tacitc in destabalizatiomn and you see it in ever Costa-Gravras film)

(2) casting doubt on the election results before it even happens

(3) urging supporters not accept results of he doesn't win

(4) as I showed last time dog whistling his followers to do voter intimidation at the polls and intimidation squads are already at work in Texas.

(5) Calling for the assassination of his opponent (several of his supporters are on record saying they hope this happens they hope she dies, someone should do it).[6]

(6) Labeling his opponent as law breaking vile "devil" and interjecting pure hatred for her to an extent that even calling or her death doesn't even strike anyone in his ranks as reason for doubting. This counts as a total disruption of the rational election process.

(7) At the same time there happens to be a coordinated barrage of damaging emails from a group, wikileaks that has ties to Putin and Moscow while the Russians are hacking the Democracts.

(8) expending a massive flood of disinformation and lies. People brush this off as Trump living in his own little World of make believe,even Hillary alluded to this in the debate. But it's a tactic it's part of destabilization. That is one of the things Roettenger told me they did as part of the coup against Guatemeala,.

Republican congressman calls for Hillary's execution in front of firing squad. why do they demonize her so? That kind of unprecedented deep hatred never before seen in American politics that tells us what will do to democracy, He's already doing it

Now we come down to the last couple of things about the election. My last couple of chances to convince readers to vote for sanity (Clinton in this case). I will go back to talking about wonderful abstract pie in the sky ivory tower theology when the election is  over. I will need to retreat into the Ivory tower to heal my wounded inner ideologue. On Monday I will deal with the issue "Should Abortion  Really be the deal breaker for Christians in voting?" Here I want to deal with the Vilification of Hillary.

While Trump's demonetization of her is unprecedented in modern post war times, in one of the debates he refereed to her as "the devil." It's not true that politicians never vilified their opponents in the pat they used to do it all the time. They also argued against  Al Smith (1928) because he was Catholic, As late as 1960 my fundamentalist Church of Christ parents wrote in LBJ because they could not vote for Catholic JFK. I take pride in pointing out that they outgrew that and broadened their perspective in old age when they became charismatic. While it is nothing new it is something we had moved beyond. We outgrew it, Trump has moved us back to a pre WWII level of prejudice.

It has been remarkable the level of demonizing that has gone on. Part of the little private world mythology they have collected about her says that she murdered 45 people including their good friend Venice Foster, who was indispensable the Clinton's political career. It's much more likely the /republicans murdered him--if anyone murdered him at all-- the Clintons had no motive. It's obvious they have read "Macbeth" too many times and it's so convenient to  paint her with that brush since her husband was the Democratic equivalent of king. Moreover, she has ambitions for her own power. There is no evidence of any kind to back any of that u and they are actually arguing something ,like whoever Hillary knew who is dead must have been murdered by her.

Then there are the constant allusion to how she is crooked and guilty, she is presumed guilty despite evidence of innocence.Through out this entire process I have insisted that they show me one thing of which she is guilty. They have the Republicans turned her down. I have documented how she is exonerated on that issue.  I have also documented that she's not been found guilty of any wrong doing on the emails. The new batch of emails are not even known to the FBI to show any wrong doing.

As to Trump's big argument, she's been in power for a long time and she has not accomplished anything. In fact she started Isis. She's only had two big powerful jobs, senator and Sec of State. The latter doesn't make laws she was a good Sec of State. She's been in public life since college but that doesn't mean that most of that she was in a position to really change things.When she was in the senate she was not the whole senate. Most freshman terms in the senate are not fruitful because there;s a seniority system. The logic of the Issis argument is stupid. I'v e seen it done with Obama too, Obama has been in eight years and race relations have gotten worse so Obama did it, That is the fallacy know as argumnet from  sign. Like saying all heroine addicts start out drinking milk, therefore, milk leads to heroin addiction. George W. Bush had more to do with Starting Isis than did Hillary. Not only did he lie about weapons of mass destruction to start the war but he allowed Cheney's policies of torture that led to the direct origin of Isis. Blaming Obama or the state of race relations is like blaming doctors for sickness because they closely associated with sick people, They blithely ignore their own culpability in the process. They fed racist dogma about Obama and nursed the  birther lie and so many other things to foment racial bigotry  and let's don't forget how Trump legitimized the expression of racism again. That's unconscionable to blame Obama when Trump has done so much to bring racism back into the lime light,

They seem brainwashed when it comes to Hillary. It's like sharks at feeding frenzy they are ravenous and the more ravenous they are the morose they become. She's been elevated to an abstract position where she represents all evil in the abstract.the obvious answer is that she's a woman, There's more to it than that. Some actually become offended when I say they can't handle a woman who seeks power. They want me to think of them as more sophisticated. Sorry if they are voting for Trump they are not sophisticated. But there is more to it than that.

Trump is in teh position of the sky father: he;s old, he' white, he;s rich he' male. This makes him the stand in for rightful authority and the rebellious evil woman seeks to take that rightful authority away, But, Trump is not a worthy representative, He's the one they are stuck with, The obvious solutionmis to make the evil woman out to be so evil that it justified choosing Trump. We have been circumventing Hillary all this time trying to warn everyone of the dangerous of Trump,. The more evil we made him out to be the more evil they had to make Hillary out to be. This whole election process has been an exerciser in dueling demonetization.

Looking back on it I never really got around to actually painting the pictiure of how great Hillary is., So now that's too late:

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I also saw the report on air yesterday on Fox 4 local news in Dallas.
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