Friday, March 04, 2011

this makes me angry

Just massive wholesale rejection of the topic merely becuase it's hard. what does it mean? Do they just want ear tickling stuff with no content? If something is a hard topic they don't know about they refuse to care about it?

I am daring anyone to show me what's wrong with the thinking on that last post.

40 hits for yesterday. I don't think the blog did that bad when it was brand new. I don't' see any reason to go on.


tinythinker said...

So is the goal quantity or quality?

Metacrock said...

No but if no one hears it what's the point? I can write a fictional transcript of the round at NDT where I won first place. Of course in real life I never went to NDT (National debate tourmaline "college debate national championship")

I can write a wonderful transcript, no one will ever read it. why bother?

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

From what I see, blogs are suffering all over, as more and more people use Facebook to get their fix, and long posts get responses like "tl:dr" which is internet speak for "Too long, didn't read."

Weekend Fisher said...

But it would be sad to give up the quality or your own interests just because the relative number of readers. Would you rather write like Stephenie Meyer (Twilight) or like Tillich? Really, Tillich isn't in any danger of making a best-seller list.

That and google has really changed up some of their search algorithms lately. My traffic has been ... weird ... ever since google started their latest round of tweaks. Today I have more visits from Iran than from the UK; this week I have more traffic from China than from Canada. (And I used to literally never get visits from China .. and used to get a lot of traffic from Canada.) Over half my visits are usually through search engines.

What you said, I notice people who are following the blog instead of just googling a topic, whether they stop by depends a lot on whether it's complicated. The more controversial posts draw 3x as many readers as the others; complicated posts draw relatively few.

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF

Metacrock said...

Firsher you are right and you have interesting points. I want to do sophisticated intellectual stuff. I just love it. That's what I want to do. If no one sees it what's the point?

Weekend Fisher said...

I kinda struggle with the same questions myself. I have in my mind a picture of why I write, what I want to accomplish, the books that will be the finished products. But getting read ... "flair" and "presentation" are not exactly my strong suits. You do better with that kind of thing than I do. Still, some of your topics are academically advanced. You might say there are pre-requisites to understanding some of that, and not everybody is there.

I think I'd rather turn the question around, though, just for my own purposes: 1) Am I sure I'm writing stuff that applies broadly? & if so, #2) What would make it so more people get the point?

Take care & God bless ... & keep up the good fight. There is a reason for what you do.

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF

Metacrock said...

Fisher. I don't want to limit the blog just to academics. Yet there are many things I think need going into and I want to people to stretch. There are a lot of academically minded people who do blog, I was hoping some of them where reading mine.

I don't mean to put down my readership. But the average is down 40 a day. that's such an insult. It hasn't been that bad since it began, it was going 200 a day before I took the break. They all ran away.