Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Need More Shovels: Elderly Cut Their Own Throats

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Political analysis form the Christian lest:

I originally wanted to call it "republican watch." Keeping tabs on hate group republicans. Then I focused it on the tea party. Tea Party watch. Keeping tabs on hate group stupid. Then I realized we need a broader focus. The tea party is piling it higher and deeper, we are going to need more shovels to dig our way out.

Excerpt. We don't have much up yet but the first issue is "Elderly who cut their own throats."

the young Turks
On my way to the polling place sat an older man , early to mid 70's surrounded by GOP / Tea Party signs.

Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, Sandy Adams, every republican imaginable.

The man had been there since before dawn, his vehicle was parked at the edge of the "no campaign" zone. The man was obviously on Social Security, a handicapped placard was in his window. A parking sticker for a local senior center, where my wife does volunteer work occasionally, funded by SSA and state grants was on the bumper.

When I passed, I introduced myself and asked him "what are you going to do when they cut your Social Security check?"

He glared at me and growled " They cant... they WON'T do that."

Incredulous , I asked "You really think so?"

"Yeah, I really think so." he said.

I continued, "Sandy Adams has openly called for the privatization of Social security...Rubio simple wants to eliminate it..."

Interrupting..." No they don't ! "

" Have you been listening? " I asked politely.

"That's just a liberal trick...." with that comment he went back to waving his Scott for Governor sign.

I went back to the car and opened my netbook, connected and did a search on Adams and Rubio. I found their interviews and comments, and ideas on privatization.

"if you have a moment"..I then showed him the material.

"What do you think now?" I asked after the presentation.

"That's just a liberal trick. They will cut earmarks and entitlement spending and balance the budget to create jobs " he looked satisfied with himself at that point and went back to waving his Scott for Governor sign. By this time a small crowd started to gather.

"Social Security is an entitlement " I said " The GOP calls Social..."

Interrupting..."Oh, NO it's not!!!!". Two other people in the crowd mummered in agreement.

"How did you determine that? " I asked.

" He told me..."

Just a sample. The new blog includes good research on important issues, anger, whining and deep insight all aimed at warning the country about the fatal mistake it makes in turning back to the people who caused the problem for an instant quick fix solution that will kill thousands and cause the rest of us grief thorough our shortened lives.

Need More Shovels


Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Love the name! I just subscribed to it.

Metacrock said...

thanks Mike. Yea I like it, gotta dig our selves out becuase they are piling it deeper.