Friday, June 25, 2010

Atheist Know Nothing Hate Group Strikes Again!

In response to my comment about the Couriter's thing someone sends this:

Anonymous Derek Porter said...
You sicken me, you lying scumbag. Why must I waste my life sharing a planet with lousy shits like you? Because make no mistake, every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every year, spent in the same universe as you IS wasted. And wasted through no fault of my own, but ENTIRELY through your fault. You loathsome piece of vomit.

Hey but other than how do you really feel about me?

all that because I want people to read and understand the kind of things they trying to criticize. That's such an outrageous demand. That guy knew so little about theology he got everything he said wrong because he believed that he doesn't have to know anything to criticize soemthing. That's the kind of stupid little bs that comes of ignorance. He's so fucking proud of his ignorance he wont let you critize it!

He said point blank that I was lying when i said process theology has an impersonal God. so easy to find out! all you have to do is Google "does Process theology have an impersonal God" but the very idea that one should find out seems to through into a tail spin.

This is clearly not because I"m wanting people who know what their talking about it's because I don't embrace his ignorance and pretend that his little but hge ego amounts to intelligence. He thinks "My desire for recognition is equal to and synonymous with my greatness." But it's not!

It's my recognition that it's not that he can't stand.


Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

I'll have a talk with him at our next meeting.

Metacrock said...

see that you do. thanks man. I know we'll get that atheist hate group sorted out with you working on it.