Saturday, March 27, 2010

Health Care is Governement Take over:more hysterial Republican hype

I was sent a URL to a blog where someone is flogging the hysterical propaganda line that the health care bill is a take over by government of health care, it's the think end of the wedge to take over for socialism and so on. The problem with this kind of clap trap is that it assumes that if government took over something that it ought to regulate ni the first place we would be so much worse off than if they merchants of death ran it, which they do now. This is merely the line the servants of the rich take because they want their masters the rich people to keep their power. Government takes away that power form their monopoly of health care, the insurance companies, the rich will be less powerful and we can't have that can we?

Of course it's actually a stupid argument because the health care bill will not make insurance companies less powerful but more powerful! It requires that everyone guy health insurance, They wont buy it form the government, they will buy it form the insurance companies, hence the insurance companies will finally get their hooks into those 35 million people would had to choose food over health care. If anything Im against the health care bill the way it was passed. I was for it back when it had the public option in it. That was so much like socialism, ooooo scary! that's what made it good! Now it's just another scam to help the rich get richer. Ah see the secret, the dems are also the servants of the rich, they just have a longer leash and when they are in the poor do a little better, but ultimately they are truly on the same side as the other guys.

It is just garbage and nonsense to promote this hysterical clap trap that this is the thin end of the wedge for socialism (if only it was). Real socialists will never make you buy insurance! Bad as the version they passed is, it's still better than having 34 million people not covered and letting prices rage out of control because eventually the health care costs will bankrupt the country. They have to control the coast and they have to do it now.

The author of that blog is making a hysterical comment that health care is going to lead to a left wing culture. This is some left over anti-communist hack who has probably never had a real conversation with a real leftist in his life. I was a real leftist and there two things I can tell you about it: (1) there aren't enough leftists left to have a leftist culture, (2) most of those that we did have I wouldn't let run the city dog pound. I wouldn't let any any far right hacks I know near any kind of city services. A few Debsian socialists ran two or three municipalities around the country over the cousre of the 20th century and didn't do too bad at it. Marxist-Leninist have never done anything in America but sell newspapers and take part in gang fights. But this anachronistic hysteria about government leading to socialism is so laughable. What have the republicans done for us? Well they  ran about 40 interventions in Asia, Africa and Latin America during the course of the 20th century, totally over half a million murders (I'm holding back on about 20 other interventions in democratic administrations). They created a lot of hype about global warming being a joke and drug their feet until it's probably too late to save the planet. They stole the election of 2000 and then sunk us into a useless which they lied about to start and then ran the housing industry in to the ground by promoting bad loans and foreclosures until it created ripple effects that almost took the whole economy down with it.

The Brenner study of 1976 found that for every 1% of unemployment there is a 5% increase across the board in stress related heart attacks, strokes, suicide, increased alcoholism, drug addiction, wife beating, child abuse and other forms of pathology. That represents several thousand people per percentage of employment getting the crap kicked out of them by life that didn't have to be. Obama get's blamed for the unemployment rate because he's in office. Bush was in over a year ago so that's way too long to remember what an idiot he was. But obviously Bush's administration is responsible for the over 10% unemployment rate. Obama's administration, it has  been proved by the GAO, is actually responsible for buffering the blow and keeping ti for being as bad by creating 2 million jobs. Now if I had my druthers I would rather he not have tackle health care, even though I know it's essential. I would rather he put all his energy into job creation. They could have created so many more jobs doing the bridge rehab thing and where are the bridges? Well while we castigate the President for not doing things my way, let's just remember that doing that would have meant more government involvement, it would mean public employment programs and more cries form the republicans that he' taking over, government control o no!

What is government control going to screw up that private sector rich guys have no screwed up already? Nothing, we are living under the dictatorship the right wing fears so deeply, but because it's corporate feudalism they don't' mind. I don't really see a difference, I was rather hoping for democracy. Now mark by words, the dems will lose mid term elections becuase everyone will blame Obama for the sky falling and the clouds being too white (we really what is not white enough in the minds of hysterical right wingers) a moron who could not govern a small town will be President next time,the rich will suck everyone's blood every Thursday night and it will be always winter and never Christmas and the republicans will convince the fundies we are living in the thousand year kingdom under them.


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