Friday, August 28, 2009

Am I My Brother's Publisher?


My Brother is a fine poet. I have published a book of his peotry. Everyone says it's really good but no one will buy a bopy. It hasn't sold a copy and no one will write a reader review. Please do so someone!

Not religious poetry it's everything poetry. Highly literary.

come on look at it and see that's it's good!

I have a sample website for his poems here: you can find several examples on there.

Product Description
Ray Hinman's poems are vibrant with the tension between light and darkness, life and death, and they are a cycle of rebirth in which corpses can blossom again. It is a world built through conversations with the dead, with the voices of the literary past, allusions to the things that have come before and constructed with a clear, conscious sense that poetry is a Craft. These poems understand the value of things like aesthetics, culture and meaning. Ray Hinman understands the poet as the modern descendent of the Shaman, treading the boundary between what is forbidden and what is allowed to guide us beyond the things that distract us and drown the spirit to the transcendent and the sublime.

Artifacts: Poetry by Ray Hinman

His book is on Amazon in Print on Demand:

buy on Amazon: Our Cities Vanish by Ray Hinman


Kristen said...

I like your brother's poetry very much, Joe-- and I'd like to have his book.

May I venture to say, though, that I think $16.95 for a 132-page book is a bit expensive? For a small, hardback book of poems, $12.95 would be more reflective, in my opinion, of the kind of price people would be willing to pay for a book like this. This may be a contributing factor in why you're not getting any buyers yet.

Kristen said...

Now that I look again-- this is a paperback. In which case I think $9.95 would be what people are accustomed to paying for books like this.

J.L. Hinman said...

ok thanks Kristen