Thursday, December 11, 2008

Other Atheists

I have again allowed my sense of hurt to overcome better judgment. I allowed the wounds inflicted by know nothings to cause me to gernalize against all atheists. I want to talk about the "other atheists," the one's who represent the rational end of their community.

There is a guy named Fleetmouse, he's very bright I've known him on CARM for years. I once Googled "Metacock" just to see what was out there. I found him on Meatfilter taking on a dozen other atheists in defending my cosmological argument as 'pretty good and better than most." He continued to argue agisnt my God arguments, but in a way I have no problem with: giving them the respect they deserve as serous well thought out argumets with which he disagrees. Fleet a fine person, he's very thoughtful and intellegent.

"you Wish" who posts on Doxa (my forums) as "Quantum Troll." At first I thought he was one of those Dawkamentalist creeps who knew nothing and just wanted to ridicule. Somehow he got over on my boards and in that atmosphere where trolls are not tolerated and we do not have pissing contests, he turned out to be one of the most intelligent people I know, and a totally nice guy. He's from Sweden, and he has a strong background in science, and he's willing to consider my arguments without mockery.

La Canuck posts on Doxa but I met him on CARM. He is like a dog with a bone. He wont let go of an argument. At first I found his tenassity infuriating because I thought he was just being picky. Then I began to realize he is tenacious and willing to discuss an argument all the way. I realized that's what I wanted from message board debate. He also turned out to be a very nice person and not a mocker, not filled with animocity.

Mike Welsh. He's one of the nicest people I know. I know the post I did yesterday wounded him. I know he feels bad because of my sweeping generalizations. I feel bad about it too. He's a great friend, he called me on election night to tell me his state went for Obama. He has been a claiming influence and has gotten me to aim above the pettiness of it all. I wish I had thought about him before I made that post.

This is the nature of the kind of game the Dawkamentalists are playing. When you trade in mockery and ridicule there's no end of hurt you cause all kinds of people. I should be more wise.I should be more moderate with my balcklash. But they need to try consider what they are doing. They are not doing good for anyone.

A Dawkie on a message board told me "I don't give any religious person any kind of respect." So you get no respect from me. Once you start that ball rolling it's not gonna stop. That's what happened to the middle east. It's a very foolish game.I'm not going to play it any more. I am just not going to even try to dialogue with anyone who is not amiable.

I am truly for that I offended some good freinds with that post.



[QUOTE]Jon wrote:
That is thier problem! Living in sin and the way they want is far better to them!
Aethists don’t really disbeleive in God. They try very hard to disprove him and attack religion! If they really didn’t believe in God. Why try so hard? They push very hard almost the same way some religious zealots do! And they complain. Almost seems hypocritical?[/QUOTE]

it is mans nature to push the encvelope in EVERYTHING- drugs- stock market-relantionships-god-all of it-
why- so we learn- push it till it breaks- why- so you learn- and now with media and technology let several generations of gangs-drug users-atheists-all outside the norm of the truth be an example of deviant behaivor in order for the new generation to finally learn truth as a child to grow with dignity and respect-

all atheists and anyone screaming like a sqeeky wheel do so for attention- to search for answers- all are children of god- all disciples of god with a duty to stand up after a life of such an endeavor and begin to state uniformly the truth-

all gang members that ran with the wolf pack with a path of fire only to find the road in the end is tolerance and peace- to thank god with every breath they take- for life is great and thank you dear god for every step we take on planet earth-

very soon all who have sacrificed an endevour like an explorer of the 20 th century may be gathered and tell their story for a world to witness-

it is the children of america- children of all the nations peoples who have been gathered from all corners of the earth to live together-

man needs the basics to survive- bread-shelter and some care from love and support from one another as civilizations provides-

but man never lives on bread alone- for we are infinite beings- it has been said there are no true atheists in foxholes- for it always has been shown when stubborn man is next to death- or last of breath- there is pray to the next world- for it is instinctive- instinct in man for it is true- the arms of god are never far- it is man that runs away-

but was meant to - to explore all the darkest corners of earth to shine a light upon it for our children- for knowledge-

god is infinite- too much for our tiny brains- what can man do -

talk- i see animals talk-


i see spiders build fancy webs and trap doors to catch pray-

man moves one step at a time-

you are the center of a great movie playing out in real time-

first man crawls-walks-runs-learns-grows- all these years to learn language-discipline-science-so much yet to do before our consciousness can even discuss god itself- for man cannot even

CREATE one simple life form- let alone GOD


Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Thanks, Joe. I wasn't upset when I read your previous post, because I know when you say those things they aren't aimed at me.

J.L. Hinman said...

Thanks, Joe. I wasn't upset when I read your previous post, because I know when you say those things they aren't aimed at me.

thanks Mike. I'm glad. still, I think it best if I just leave off the pissing contests.

Kristen said...

There's also Janny Tuesday, whom I know from another forum, and Marxiavelli-- both newcomers to the Doxa forums and very reasonable and respectful of everyone.

J.L. Hinman said...

yea they are cool. I know Janny from CARM who posts as Jam Tuesday.

Kristen said...

"Jam Tuesday," huh? And butter Wednesday, maybe? (grin)

I know him as "Nowth."

Anonymous said...

Totally tangential issue: do you realize you banned me from visiting Doxa? What gives?

Fathers & Sons

J.L. Hinman said...

I have not banned you. It's a soft ware problem. go ahead and try to register.