Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Greeting foreign visitors

We have a good crop of foreign visitors this time. That is, those from outside the USA (foreign to me).

Num Perc. Country Name
55 63.22% United States
10 11.49% Canada
6 6.90% United Kingdom
4 4.60% Australia
3 3.45% Indonesia
2 2.30% India
1 1.15% Israel
1 1.15% Malta
1 1.15% France
1 1.15% Uganda
1 1.15% Netherlands
1 1.15% Pakistan
1 1.15% Saudi Arabia

I wish I could put in the little flags I see on the hit counter. It shows the flags of all the nations. It's very cool. I love to travel and I wish I visit all of our countries. It seems the Ungandan visitor might be new. But I still have hopes the one form Pakistan is Ben Ladin. He's reading my site and thinking "I must not attack America, Metacrock might be hurt." Or he's probably thinking "we must get that ahole Metacrock!"

The life of an amabassador of peace is never an easy one.

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