Wednesday, November 16, 2005

which Starfleet Captin are you?

kirk wallpaper
You are Captain Kirk!
Definately the most renouned Starfleet Captain,
your missions explored every facet of the
humanoid being. Your no guts no glory approach,
although considered too risky by some, has
earned you Starfleet's highest honors. Your
zest for life exemplifies what humans should
be; free, alive and honorable beyond compare.
You have twice died upholding the ideals which
humanity holds so dear. Had you not been so
brazen in your command during Starfleet's
greatest expansion period, it most assuredly
would not be what it is today. You however,
have been known to let your libido make your
decisions for you. Best keep that in check.

Which Starfleet Captain Are You?
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