Monday, May 16, 2005

what a quick way to get a head ache?

On "Christian Froums" a set of boards that exist for the benifit of atheists so they can look more intelligent than Christians, I've bee having the kind of discussion I hate; all about the ontolgoical argument.

I woud noramlly love discussing that argument, but only if I had someone to discuss it with who know and cared about logic. Most atheists hate logic. They try to pretend that atheism is so much more loigcal than Christianity, but when confronted with real logial arguments (I mean s5modal) they just fold up and strat mocking and openly say logic is no good,it doens't tell us anything ect ect. Some have gone so far as to deny the validity of modus Ponines and some even deny the law of non contradiction! Anything to avoid the horrible conclusin that God can't not exist.

Here's what most people mean by "logic:" "I like X, whoray for X." If you disagree with X you are illogical. Most people do not know that logic has rules, they think that it's just a matter of having a "cool" opinion. So when they say "Christianity is not logical" they really mean "Christianity is not cool."

Here's another aspect of logic that these atheists couldn't handel:

X cannot be p

q = p

therefore, X cannot be q.

they deny the loigc of this. First they denied it in terms of God arugment when the symbolic value represented these concepts:

X = necessity

q = possiblity

p = contingency.

first they deneied the idea that:

if X cannot be contingent and it cannot be impossbile then it must be necessary. Therefore, if God cannot be contingent, and cannot be impossible, then God must be necessary.

Then they denied it in the form above when they didn't know the values.

In four threads of about 4 pages each not one single atheist made a single argument based upon loigc but they all said the OA was illogical.

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