Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Scientism and the personal dimension

When I first began my PhD work t UTD I had a professor in oneof the frst classes I took there who lecturedon different wayso f knowin, It seemed intutative to me that there are different ways of knowing. I had not thought about it reallybut that prf had many ways.I feel two aresufficent, One can subdivide but there are two major categoroes. Actual frst hand experiemce and abstract learning. Or experoecimg vs "book learning." I think I can prove the Greeks made this distinction. Returning to facebook I got several responses that idicate the atheists are pi to their old tricks, deying the personal dimension and tryimg to mae scentifc fact the standard of all knowledge.

On Face book I recieved this comment:

Boris Badenoff

"Joe Hinman There are not different ways of knowing. There's knowing and not knowing, that's it. Religious belief is not knowledge, it's not wanting to know."

Joe Hinman

Boris Badenoff no that is wrong. There are different ways of knowing. I know my mother loved me without doing a single truth table or vin diagram. You are trying to lionize your deal that you do so you will know it all.

Top fan

Boris Badenoff "Joe Hinman You know your mother loved you because you had evidence if that." Joe Hinman

Boris Badenoff it wasn't formal logic. there are different types of evidence and there are different ways to know.

The evidence of mother's love is experieced not communicated abstractly as in books. That dichotony itself proves different ways of knowing. He never answers this.

Boris Badenoff Joe Hinman Nope. There are not different ways of knowing. Just knowing and not knowing.

Joe Hinman Boris Badenoff yes they are love is feelings logic is not those are different they are both kinds of knowledge'.

He's just reguritating at this point.

Boris Badenoff Joe Hinman Nope. Feelings don't produce knowledge. They produce beliefs and superstition.

I just proved they do prodice knowledge

I scientisemists are into this posiotion ofone form of knowig becausethey think of course scientific knwoing will domimate that will gve them power. It's an ideologcal postion. Joe Hinman

to Boris Badenoff Yes it does, you know love because you feel. take it from those of us who do love. Your position is obtuse, It doesn't make you cool or smart, It's quite thick.

Joe Hinman see my book on Amazon

Joseph Hinman's new book is God, Science and Ideology. Hinman argues that atheists and skeptics who use science as a barrier to belief in God are not basing doubt on science itself but upon an ideology that adherer's to science in certain instances. This ideology, "scientism," assumes that science is the only valid form of knowledge and rules out religious belief. Hinman argues that science is neutral with respect to belief in God … In this book Hinman with atheist positions on topics such as consciousness and the nature of knowledge, puts to rest to arguments of Lawrence M. Krauss, Victor J. Stenger, and Richard Dawkins, and delimits the areas for potential God arguments.


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered why progressives hated real Christians and want to persecute them so badly. Beware, The autor of dis post is still an unbeliever.

Anonymous said...
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Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

You are no judge of other people's spirituality.