Monday, February 26, 2018

Homily: Billy Graham goes home

Newsflash: he was human. Anytime you step up to assume the mantel "preacher" you take on a role where every fault is magnified a thousand times.There were people who called Joan Baez "Phony Jonie" she wasn't even talking about God,anytime you assent to tell people what's what you open yourself up.Graham was not only human but southern farm boy, I was never a big fan I was aware of his political leanings and regarded him as epitomizing the problem, long before I was able to appreciate him in any way.

In The OT the Children of Israel push Moses before mount Sinai and say "hey God talk to him, we don't want to face you we'll deal with him." He Imperfectly made himself availed to remind society there is hope in God,

I hope they can say something that positive about me

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