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More about the Course of Human Events

Image result for when the government tells you who to fight it;s war when you figure it out for yourself its revolution

 It;s time to strip away the illusion that there are Republican stateswomen (Susan Collins) and statesmen (McCain) who actually care about people. Look at the overall historical record of their party:
Throughout 2017, President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans have continually taken aim at the health, well-being, and independence of Americans with disabilities. From repeated attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and end Medicaid as we know it to budget proposals that slash Social Security disability benefits, disability employment services, Meals on Wheels, and more, the agenda Trump and his colleagues in Congress are on Wheels, and more, the agenda Trump and his colleagues in Congress are pursuing would be nothing short of a disaster for people with disabilities. The latest attack comes in the form of their partisan tax plan, which passed the House on November 16 and is set to be voted on in the Senate as soon as this week.Although they have sold the plan as a Christmas present for the middle class, under the Senate bill, a staggering 87 million* middle- and working-class families would see their taxes rise by 2027. Meanwhile, the top 0.1 percent would receive an average tax cut of $208,060. Furthermore, by repealing the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) individual mandate, the tax plan would also undermine the individual insurance market, driving up premiums and leaving 13 million more Americans without health insurance by 2025...[Read More][1]
Collins and McCain put on a big show, They were the saviors of the common people, They saved health care, With this bilk, whch they voted form they went around back and murdered the very innocent people they got thorough waving. I say snuck around back because voting for the tax scam is a less direct but just as effective way of taking health care away from people, Most voters may not know the connection this is taxes not health care, Also, they can say protections were written into the bill.

Make no mistake this travesty of legislation will destroy health care for the common person,The very 13 million Collins claimed to be protecting on  Obama care are going to lose medicare and medicaid, a huge short fall in revenue (1.5 Tillion dollars) means cuts to social programs. AARP has denounced the Tax Scam will resulting in huge cuts to medicare.[2]
The republicans give us an indication of hat they do with funding short fals, They ctake life saving services away from helpless people.Robert Reich :
Since September, Republicans in Congress have refused to reauthorize funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program, which provides coverage for 9 million kids. The cost of the program is roughly $15 billion a year. By contrast, the Trump-Republican tax plan will cost the country $1.5 trillion.This is what we've come to: Trump and Republicans in Congress are willing to deprive children health care to enrich their wealthy donors. Have they absolutely no shame?[3]
Rubio admitted that after the Tax scam passes the next target at which the GOP marauders will take aim and seek to destroy are Medicaid and Medicare,[4]
The Center forAmerica Progress argues tha the tax scam is a tax on disapbility. it copies this list"

 (1) Eliminates affordable care act's individual mandate

(2) Raises Taxes on people Facing high medical bills

(3) Makes research for drugs for rare conditions more expensive

(4) Makes Disability accessibility ore expensive for small businesses

(5) raises taxes for People with student loans

(6) Ends Tax credit that spurs development in small communities

(7) Automatic cuts to medicare disability and other such programs (which means I will die)[5]

As for this last one: 
On top of these direct attacks on people with disabilities, congressional Republicans’ tax plan would also quietly result in deep cuts to a whole range of programs that are critical to people with disabilities. Since the tax bills’ giveaways to millionaires and wealthy corporations are not fully paid for, they would jack up the deficit by about $1.5 trillion over the next decade, not including interest on the debt. And under the Statutory Pay-As-You Go Act, any legislation that increases the deficit triggers automatic cuts to various federal programs. In fiscal year 2018 alone, Medicare would see automatic cuts of $25 billion, and it would be slashed by more than $400 billion over 10 years.A host of other programs would face devastating automatic cuts or even outright elimination. They include Vocational Rehabilitation Basic State Grants, which fund state programs that help people with disabilities prepare for, secure, regain, or retain employment; the Social Services Block Grant, which funds critical services for adults and children with disabilities as well as Meals on Wheels; and affordable housing programs that subsidize low-income housing and home ownership. Certain higher education programs also could lose funding, such as those that support historically black colleges and universities, Hispanic-serving institutions, and tribal colleges, as well as grants that help the children of service members who lost their lives in Iraq or Afghanistan afford college.[6]
All of this treachery against the American people casts the all searching light upon two dark corners where lurk the woefullest of republican lies, First it makes a total lie of the Republican fear of deficits How may wonderful programs have been sacked on the grounds that we dare not grow deficits? The whole Reagan candidacy was predicated upon the idea that deficits were the bane of national existence. Turns out they create a huge deficient at the drop a hat. Watt they really hate is taxes and that only in so far as they touch the rich, The will tax the stuffing out of the middle class, Taxation with representation but what do you do when your representation sees you as fodder for their true masters the rich?

The second lie exposed is the heart of the whole Republican ideology: the great lie of trickle down, The whole Rep answer to any of the surmounting problems incurred by the revenue short fall is :we wills stimulate business and that will mean economic growth and we will out grow the deficit, Time and time again we should have leaned they  never put that money into employment. It's never worked that way, this time it will because these wonderful heroes like McCain are for it. But history says it never does. The Reason tax cuts, for example, did not translate to jobs. [7] A 65 year study shows tax cuts don't lead to economic growth,[8] The Republicans and Trump have provided all the explanation we need. what they have not given us and they do not have is Data backing the lies about the tax scam producing economic growth on that point the experts agree it;s a dud.[9]

Of course this invalidates the entire principle of the republican policy making. But then evren a casual observer can see this generation of GOP legislators are not serous abut policy-making They clearly don't give a damn about the consequences in terns of adverse effects upon the poor vermin who are so stupid they chose not to be rich. Look at the process, They crammed promises scrawling on paper by hand --promise anyone anything to get the vote--we'll iron it all out in committee, The problem is how do you know you will still have your special little promise after the committee is done? So most of them sold their souls for assurances they aren't going to get.

Then there was trutleman , McConnell saying "It's the losers who whine about the process." You know like wanting a fair trial, a democratic election, and no taxation without representation. They are all utter liars, and pernicious blood sucking leaches.They cannot be trusted,It is a matter of life and death,I've already documented 13,000 deaths every year from now on due to Trump's one action on coal fired plants, and now this tax scam causes suffering and death for  millions. We are fools if we don't fight back. Drop everything you live for and live to win the mid term elections.we absolutely must, We need to go back to the kind of passionate intensity the resistance had on inauguration day and when we shouted at reps in public meetings,
remember the words of that old familiar "communist" document:

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.[10]
I think in this revolution they will know our reasons  before we state them.


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