Wednesday, December 14, 2016

things rto do do before the leectors meet

We have 6 days and counting!
These are the most pressing actions and are all for the purpose of preventing the EC from voting for Trump. Please act and then share. The EC vote is our focus from now until they vote on Monday, December 19th.
google doc link:
1.  Change your profile pic to a candle & join the candle light vigils.
2.  Demand Gov’t do something about Russian interference.
3.  Contact the US Attorney General and ask her to bring charges into violations of the Voting Rights Act.
4. Contact the ODNI, asking them to declassify information regarding Russia’s involvement in our election BEFORE the Electors vote on the 19th.
5. CALL the DOJ showing support for 2016 Election Audit.
6. Support Congressperson Swalwell & Congressperson Elijah Cummings in their pursuit to get an independent investigation into Russian hacking during this election
7. Sway public opinion so EC members won't vote for drumpf. Contact the EC directly or thru the press.
8. Support Warren and contact the Government Accountability Office
9. Support House Bill 6340 to require Trump to address his conflicts of interest,

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