Friday, August 05, 2016

70 years ago

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Hiromshima August 6 1945


Eric Sotnak said...

I have stood next to that building, which is still left as it was after the blast, and I also visited the nearby museum. Very sobering.

On the day I went it was a cold drizzly day. The friend I went with and I stopped to buy lunch from a street vendor. A man who ran a show store saw us standing outside eating in the rain and he came out and herded us inside into the back of his shop, where he sat us before a space heater and brought us cups of hot tea. We were overwhelmed with his hospitality, especially considering Hiroshima's terrible history. We told him we were headed to the museum. His response (as best we could understand in our limited Japanese) was that he hoped everyone in the world would come and see the effects of nuclear weapons. He seemed to think that when the bombs were dropped, no one really understood the horror of the consequences.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

they pro baby didn't. that's a neat story. Yes, om of humanities greatest achievements, blowing the shit out of a city with one bomb, and being able to destroy all life earth. I gre up with the fear of nuclear war. people have forgotten but it's still there.