Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Whose Afraid of Citizen Trump?


ABC News Dante Chinni Topics 2016 Election, First Read First Published Sep 6 2015, 10:25 am ET
As businessman Donald Trump has climbed to the top of the Republican primary polls, political junkies have gone scrambling to explain or describe the coalition of people supporting him. But the candidate has offered his own analysis — he says he is giving voice to the long-dormant "silent majority."
I offered my analysis, Trump is rich so exempt from criticism thus he can say all the hateful things his supporters wish they could say, dog whistle: "He speaks his mind." The media has created a band wagon for citizen Trump, they rarely mention the negatives. Thesevare very recent polls: Ibid.
Currently, Mr. Trump sits somewhere between 25 percent and 30 percent in polls measuring support for the GOP nomination. That means even among Republicans, those who don't currently support Mr. Trump far outnumber those who do support him. In head-to-head general election match ups, Mr. Trump does better, garnering somewhere around 40 percent of the vote against Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. But that's likely because the Republican alternative for president (which Mr. Trump is assumed to be in those polls) is almost always going to garner 40 percent in the polls....There were a few groups in the poll that gave Mr. Trump higher positive than negative ratings: self-described Republicans (43 percent positive and 34 percent negative) and conservatives (41 percent and 36 percent negative). And a majority of solid "core Republicans" (59 percent) had positive feelings about him. But those groups were clear exceptions....
The Same Souirce The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll form late-July
found that 56 percent of those surveyed overall had negative feelings toward Mr. Trump, while only 26 percent had positive feelings. In fact, across a wide array of demographic segments - men, women, whites, African-Americans, Hispanics, 18- to 34-year-olds, 65-and over, those without a c AP
 Next Story The Presidential Announcement Speech Guide ollege degree and those that have done post-grad work - more than 50 percent of those surveyed had negative feelings about Mr. Trump.

The media has created Trump's band wagon. Two weeks ag they began saying :his numbers are sky rocketing, when they were only up 3%. One week ago they began saying he's becoming "a more suitable candidate" when in reality he wasn't shooting off his mouth as much. Then the numbers went up more. Really the strongest numbers is among Republicans in a couple of primary state. The media has created the band wagon. Yet the desire to climb on a bandwagon has to be there.

Is Trump now a suitable candidate? Why should we think he's changed just because he keeps his mouth shut a bit more? He proves he knows nothing about the situation in the middle east. He says "I will by the time I take office." Do you really think the Presidency will wait for him to catch up? Do you think foreign leaders like those who lead Isis will say, "Ok let's wait for Trump to read the books we suggested before we bring out our next diabolical plan?"

Do we really want to let this guy have access to the nuclear button? w What if he thinks he can call back the missiles? Reagan thought that (came out in the debate with Mondale). His attitude is that if we destroy the world I'm so rich I'll just buy a new one.

None of this matters to people, why? Because they feel desperate. The arch conservatives and right winger's always feel surrounded. Even when they win they think they lost. Out of desperation they idolized Reagan even though he often thought things like we can call the missiles back. Trump makes Reagan look smart.

Maybe Trump is intelligent, but just boorish, either he is stupid or pernicious. He used fear and bigotry to signal to fearful bigots and work up hysteria about foreigners. Either way I don't want a guy like citizen Trump to be in charge of the nucs.

Watch the actual movie Citizen Kaneif you don't get the allusion.

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